Dr. Arlene King…How can you just close your eyes to this?

To quote Ontario Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Arlene King, “with a review of existing scientific literature, a moratorium isn’t needed, suggesting Thursday’s debate is moot.”

The pain and suffering I have had to endure, I am still enduring, on account of these industrial wind turbines is now ‘moot’?  Not even worth arguing? 

How can a mere ‘review’ constitute a decision this important; a decision that is currently affecting peoples’ health worldwide; will continue to do so; and with the catastrophic onset of thousands more turbines across our province and lakes, a decision that will have an effect on who knows how many more?

Why aren’t we gathering our own ‘scientific literature’ from the wind farms already in Ontario? Where are your moral values, your ethics? How can you, Dr. Arlene King, possibly be the Medical Officer of Health for our entire province when you don’t even care about the miserable conditions people exposed to low frequency noise live with; when you won’t even look into the issue?

The inability to sell my property is now moot? Forget about the 10%, 20%, 30% drop in property value – a property is only worth what you actually get when you actually sell it – in my case nothing.

The Ontario Liberals say “research shows no adverse health effects.”    What research?  Nobody has contacted me as to how I’m coping with this wind farm already in my backyard. Why not?

Why isn’t our government conducting research on the people already exposed to low frequency noise from existing wind farms?

Why are they not taking measurements of noise & vibrations from our residences, so they know the exact conditions that can be linked to these wind farms and the severe, debilitating ailments they inflict; so they know exactly how close is too close?

The MOE tells me they don’t have the necessary equipment, staff, training to measure low frequency noise and vibration. Why not?  We can subsidize millions of our tax dollars into wind farm development, yet we can’t come up with any way to monitor & record their effects on the environment, including human beings. Why not resolve this issue once and for all? Are they afraid of the outcome?

The government has yet to approach me as to how the turbines I live with have affected me; which incidentally, are a perfect example of exactly 550 meters away.

With the exception of these wonderful people at Wind Concerns and one MPP, my appeals have been ignored; with no results from government officials who have responded. A sympathetic response is just not enough. Something needs to be done. Somebody needs to take action, to be held accountable; now and in the future.

My neighbours and I have been used; involuntarily mind you, as guinea pigs in a horrendous experiment that is still ongoing, one that occurs all day and all night, every day and every night; and the government can’t even be bothered to view the result!

They are willing to sacrifice our well-being, our lives for exactly what?

They have yet to offer us a place of respite when the presence of low frequency sound becomes intolerable.

They have yet to rescue us from this constant, debilitating low frequency noise; and relocate us.

They have yet to offer us compensation as a result of our pain & suffering from the experiment they have forced upon us.

Just this morning a new symptom associated with continuous, accumulative exposure to low frequency noise; a sharp pain in my right knee, enough to warrant expletives when I bend my knee the wrong way.  Will this continue?  Will I be able to walk? Drive?

The more prolonged, the more continuous the exposure; more & more symptoms show up; some of which may never go away.

Who will be next?  Who will be the next guinea pig?  Will they come to your rescue? Will they offer you respite? Will they offer you compensation?  Probably not – it’s a ‘moot’ point, so it doesn’t bear further investigation!

Given my scenario, who would want them in their backyard?

Kay Armstrong, Clear Creek, Ontario

P.S. I write this, the concrete floor of my basement is now shuddering – another ‘moot’ point!

5 thoughts on “Dr. Arlene King…How can you just close your eyes to this?

  1. Dr Arlene King is merely another unfeeling bureaucrat who is covering her political rearend — and those attached to the brainless idiots/puppetmasters who pull her strings. Should we be surprised?

  2. Dr Arlene King,
    You are invited to come to Clear Creek (Turbine Town) and stay for a few weeks. One of IWT victims will be glad to play host. There is also nice cottage, surrounded by a number IWTs, for rent.
    All the best —

  3. This “Doctor” has absolutely not one credential that would even suggest she can speak with any authority on Wind Turbines and their cause of Health Concerns of our fellow citizens. As Chief Medical Officer she should at the very least be “sent to school” for at least a year to study these monsters and their effects on the Health of people before she can make any statements one way or another.

    As concerned citizens we have all researched Wind Turbines to the point of nausea and we have forgotten more about them than she has learned.

    To allow this woman one more word on this subject without a good background is not only very destructive but very “hypocritical”

  4. Shame on you Dr. King. Hippocratic oath be damned when your playing the game of
    partisan politics. Possibly you should have broadened the scope of your research
    beyond the “not so scientific” literature provided to you by CanWEA.

  5. Thank you, Kay for elaborating on the effects of the 18 Vestas 1.65 MW IWT’s all jammed in within a 3 km radius of the ~ 140 houses and the ~ 70 residents who signed a petition in the summer of 2009 saying they WERE affected by the IWT’s one way or another.

    As you say, we can be grateful to our MPP who read our petition into the Ontario Legislature, but our Municipal council has wrapped itself in a cloak of green saying their hands are tied. More accurately this is a failure of nerve and creativity such as being shown by all the other Ontario municipalities which are digging out by-laws and regulations which they ARE using to put off IWT proponents until they look for easier pickings elsewhere.

    Nor has our elected federal rep contacted any of the Norfolk Victims of Industrial Wind Turbines [NVoIWT’s] to offer ANY help.

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