Health fears blown off

Note:   During Tabun’s speech, several members of the gallery left in tears as they could not bear the revictimization from yet another mindless politician.


Peter Tabuns: You rural people are collatoral damage - Deal with it!

By Antonella Artuso, Sun Media Queen’s Park Bureau London Free Press

TORONTO — Tory MPP Bill Murdoch’s resolution calling for a moratorium on new wind turbines in Ontario pending confirmation that there are no adverse health effects on humans stalled in the legislature.

Murdoch said his resolution was drafted in response to concerns about wind power raised by hundreds of people in his riding and across the province.

“I’m disappointed and where the people go from here I don’t know,” Murdoch said yesterday. “The government of the day has decided that they don’t count by turning down my resolution.”

The Ontario government shouldn’t proceed with its ambitious wind energy plan until it gets the official green light from the chief medical officer of health, Murdoch said, adding people have a right to know if the wind turbines near their homes will make them sick.

Energy Minister George Smitherman said his government is paying close attention to the concerns that people are expressing regarding renewable energy and especially wind power.

The Ministry of Environment established a provincial minimum setback of 550 metres from the nearest homes, which is greater than the distances established so far by most municipalities.

“But we do think it’s important to remain very, very aware of the notion of health concerns,” Smitherman said. “And that’s why right now the ministry of the environment is working with the Council of the Universities to establish a research chair in the issue of safety of renewable energy technologies so that we can continue to add to the body of knowledge that we have about reputed health effects.”

Protesting outside Queen’s Park yesterday was one group of citizens worried that setbacks for wind turbines established by the province aren’t large enough to protect nearby residents from negative health impacts such as sleep deprivation and inner ear problems.

Lorrie Gillis, a resident of Grey Highlands near Collingwood, said at least 100 people in Ontario have filled out a survey indicating adverse reactions to existing wind turbines.

“There’s an awful lot of people who are experiencing a great deal of difficulty and that’s happening well beyond a kilometre setback,” Gillis said. “What we need to do is an independent third party study to understand the effects that these turbines are having on people.”

Smitherman said no wind project can move forward unless local landowners are prepared to make their property available.

“This is not the voice of the whole community; 50 or 60 people came here today,” Smitherman said of the protesters.

Murdoch said the group may not have been large, but they are not alone in their views.

“It’s not just a few, it seems to be a whole coalition across Ontario now,” the Tory MPP said. “They can’t all come to Toronto on a Thursday.”

7 thoughts on “Health fears blown off

  1. “Smitherman said no wind project can move forward unless local landowners are prepared to make their property available.”

    So the community gets no voice in this.
    One property owner can disturb and threaten the health of others.
    Its the law!

    Then he says..
    “This is not the voice of the whole community; 50 or 60 people came here today,” Smitherman said of the protesters.”

    Jackie Allan

  2. From a link here on Wind Concerns..

    “One farmer, his pregnant wife and their two-year-old daughter have been living in a single room at a Kincardine hotel since April at the wind farm’s expense, Colling said.

    Before that, her parents had taken their “screaming” child to the hospital emergency department some 10 times with ear aches. Her mother moved the girl out of the house, but the aches returned as soon as she would visit for the weekend.”

    Smitherman says in this article that the government is paying close attention..
    Close attention to what?

    A child can not sleep in her own bed at nite.. I wish the government would pay close attention to that..

    Jackie Allan

  3. Tabuns is a complete ass and just proves the fact he and countless other politicians of all persuasions know nothing of GHGs or how they’re emitted into our environment. He went on about the effects of coal fired generation yet spoke nothing of the GHG pollution created by gas turbine peaker plants. Are these people totally blind? 9,000 people die every year in Ontario because of coal? And there are many who are sickened (because of coal)? Really? Do you think that perhaps some of those people may have smoked a cigarette or two in their lifetime?

    Let’s just blame it all on coal instead. So their reality of replacing one form of GHG electrical generation with another with no reduction in GHG is totally assinine and a complete waste of taxpayers money. As a matter of fact, it is a lie and these policticians need to be prosecuted for the lies they dish out to the public. The public at large don’t understand the connection between wind turbines and gas plants. When this gets explained to them, they’re mortified.

    Tabuns states: “We have to move very quickly to move away from fossil fuels in this province because people are being killed by the fossil fuel effluent that we dump into the atmosphere”. Does he think there are zero emissions from a gas plant? Gas turbines do nothing to that effect and Tabuns and others should and likely do know better. Last time I checked gas turbines plants run off fossil fuels. The deaths will still occur.

    These guys need to get themselves educated however the green-dreaming ignoramuses refuse to do so, instead believing the crap dished out by the wind lobbyists. The only thing green about these politicians are the paychecks they receive.

  4. Peter brought out the old canard again that 5000 people a year die from coal plants. That may be true I don’t know. But I have never met anyone tell me they feel sick today because the coal plants are running. Nor have I read an obituary saying the deceased died from complications related to coal plant pollutiuon. But I have met too many people in person who are sick from wind turbines. By the way I live 45 kms downwind from chemical valley, 4 coal units at Sarnia Lambton Generating Station,5 natural gas units at Sarnia Regional Co-Generaton plant and 6 coal units acros the river at St. Clair power plant. Do you mean to tell me Mr. Smitherman that all this pollution I’m breathing is going to disappear when the turbines saturate the countryside around me. B***S***

  5. Yes, Dan it is old canard as in “lame duck”. Those 9,000 coal plant induced deaths that he mentioned, by the way, are nothing but guesstimates from the relevant provincial or federal medical associations. Ditto for the supposed number of birds that will die in Canada due to climate change — sheer guesstimates. (And the birds that benefit from that purported climate change? Never mentioned.)

    B.S.?? Yup, that’s what politicians thrive on. As one of my old bosses used to say: “Bullsh*t baffles brains!”

  6. Tabuns like the rest of these vile, immoral and actually quite ignorant so-called politicians should all be dragged out of that pink building and forced to live in the homes surrounded by their “money making wind turbines” and suffer like the poor souls who trudged down to that building yesterday to get help.

    Instead they get insulted and dismissed by the very people WE pay out of OUR pockets to represent US.

    Kick The Bums Out!

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