Guinea Pigs – by “Law”

On October 29, 2009, the following MPPs voted to not protect your health because the Ontario Liberal Party has now stripped your rights to complain.   

Aggelonitis, Sophia
Colle, Mike
McNeely, Phil
Sergio, Mario
Albanese, Laura
Dhillon, Vic
Moridi, Reza
Smith, Monique
Arthurs, Wayne
Dickson, Joe
Pendergast, Leeanna
Sousa, Charles
Balkissoon, Bas
Hoskins, Eric
Phillips, Gerry
Van Bommel, Maria
Berardinetti, Lorenzo
Jaczek, Helena
Rinaldi, Lou
Wilkinson, John
Bisson, Gilles
Kwinter, Monte
Ruprecht, Tony
Zimmer, David
Brown, Michael A.
Mangat, Amrit
Sandals, Liz

2 thoughts on “Guinea Pigs – by “Law”

  1. To see the faces of these people who don’t care about the constituents they took an oath on the Bible to represent go to this link and remember every single one of them at election time or if you happen to see them on the street (if they can even hold their heads up) you will know who they are………….

  2. I would like it to be noted that my Liberal MPP Carol Mitchell sent me correspondence that she would not be supporting Bill Murdoch.
    She was not in the legislature and did not vote.
    Imagine – she did not attend and with all the Industrial Wind Trubines in her riding Huron Bruce.
    It confirms that she has not and does not care that people in her riding in Ribly and the Underwood Wind Farms are sick from the Wind Turbines. Carol Michell clearly is not interested in and cares more for her standing in the Liberal government and her career that any people in her riding that are sick and concerned about Wind Turbines. She contiinues to be a total embarassment to the people in Huron-Bruce. county.

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