The fight has only just begun

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Local wind farm opponents vowed yesterday to keep pushing for independent studies into the effects wind turbines have on people.

Ontario legislators rejected Bruce- Grey-Owen Sound MPP Bill Murdoch’s call to halt industrial wind farm development until the province’s top doctor can assure the government turbines don’t harm people living nearby.

But defeating Murdoch’s resolution won’t stop growing opposition in rural Ontario, or mounting questions over how the big machines affect people’s health, wind turbine opponents said.

“This has just prompted us to push harder,” Mary-Anne DeVries, acting president of Bruce Peninsula Against Industrial Wind, said from Toronto after yesterday’s debate in the legislature. “We’re obviously very disappointed, but we are not ready to quit.”

Despite the defeat, the full gallery of people at Queen’s Park from all over Ontario supporting Murdoch and wanting answers about how turbines affect health sends a strong message to the McGuinty government, DeVries said.

“The push for wind energy seems to override the health of Ontario citizens,” she said by cellphone from a bus filled with Grey-Bruce residents who helped fill the gallery.

Murdoch wasn’t surprised the Liberal majority defeated his resolution, but said by telephone from Queen’s Park it triggered important debate and focused new attention on health questions related to Ontario’s green energy policies.

2 thoughts on “The fight has only just begun

  1. October 31, 2009

    Read This and Do Something!

    To Whom It May Concern:

    Let it be known that I truly appreciate the efforts of the parliament members that stood up for the resolution of a moratorium to halt further construction of wind farms until health studies have been completed; with a special thanks to Bill Murdoch for introducing the resolution, and to Toby Barret, the MPP of Haldimand-Norfolk.

    Having read the Hansard script for the debate that followed the resolution, I can see that you don’t fully understand what is actually happening to people who are now living too close to industrial wind turbines.
    I can see that you don’t understand the severity, the urgency of our situation.

    These massive turbines are generating low frequency and infrasounds, a fact that has been acknowledged by the wind industry.
    This ‘noise’ is not attenuated (weakened) by trees, walls, or closed windows: a non-disputed, scientific fact.
    This is why you can hear from miles away, the ‘bass’ sound of loud music being played in a car with its windows closed. The ‘bass’ portion of that music is passing right through the solid structure of that car.

    The ‘bass’ portion of the ‘noise’ from industrial wind turbines is passing right through my walls, then, inevitably, right through me!
    This is why people are getting dizzy – their skull, their brains are vibrating!
    This is why people get nauseous – their stomach is trembling!
    This is why people get blurry eyed – their eyes are oscillating!
    This is why there is a tightening of the chest – their chest is resonating!
    This is why there is a loss of bladder control – their bladder is quivering!
    This is only to name some of the readily apparent symptoms!

    This low frequency/infrasound is vibrating every cell of my body as it passes through me – who knows what else is going on?

    My body is being micro waved on a continual, constant basis!

    One does NOT ‘get used’ to this! It is a law of human physiology!

    I am now so sensitive to ILFN; I can’t even approach the coolers and freezers in a supermarket, the humming of a streetlight, without being affected. I don’t even know if I’ll be capable of returning to work.

    From Calvin Luther Martin, editor of Dr.Pierpont’s forthcoming book – Wind Turbine Syndrome (buy it!):

    Kay is broke. She’s unemployed. She can’t sell her home. She’s going mad in her home. (Mad? What is the end point of the cognitive decay experienced by Wind Turbine Syndrome victims? I listened to Dr. Pierpont this morning give a 2-hour video interview to two Brits, where she explained the alarming similarities between Wind Turbine Syndrome “cognitive deficit” and concussion. This needs further exploration, certainly, but she’s alarmed. So are other real doctors. Not doctors who are bureaucrats, but real ones. And will Kay recover those deficits? Truthfully, Nina Pierpont, who knows more about the subject than anyone else on earth—Pierpont doesn’t know for sure.) Slowly going mad in her home. She needs to be taken care of.

    Come on you ‘ladies & gentlemen’ of the Canadian government!

    Dr. Helena Jaczek, Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of the Environment, spoke in the Ontario Legislature on October 29 of this year. She effectively represented the Minister of the Environment, and thus the Premier’s view. She said that the government had listened, and had solved the problem by reviewing the independent scientific report prepared by Dr. Ray Copes, that had said, “the problems with wind turbines would be solved by putting in setbacks”, and she stated, “We have put in place setbacks.”

    If this wind farm had been constructed in accordance with these new setbacks, these turbines would have been placed at least three, four, five? times the distance from our homes than where they now sit.

    How can you possibly expect us to continue living like this, where these debilitating conditions have been enforced upon us, against our wishes even?

    Given these conditions, even if I didn’t have to disclose my health issues to potential buyers, how could I possibly feel good about selling to a young family; a family with babies, young children, an expectant mother; a family that I know will be exposed to these vibrations?

    People don’t understand; whether one hears the low frequency noise or not, whether one feels the vibrations or not, it doesn’t not mean that it’s not there. It doesn’t mean that people are not being affected!

    What are you going to do for the ones that currently live too close to industrial wind turbines?

    Where are the people responsible for putting us in this predicament where we can’t escape, even to save our very lives?

    We are desperate – we are urgently in need of help – NOW!

    You, our ‘government representatives’, with your ineffective decision making, your procrastinations on health studies, your inability to come to an agreement:


    Why have we been abandoned?


    Kay Armstrong,

    And don’t forget – I live 550 meters from EXISTING TURBINES!

  2. I think it’s time our Health Agency in Ontario create a new type of service for “people being abused by “Wind Turbines”.

    There are “homeless” shelters, there are “Abused Women’s” shelters, There are “Foster homes for Abused Children”, so why shouldn’t there be a quiet insulated place for people suffering horrific and agonizing pain from being subjected to Wind Turbines low frequency noise?

    Of course this won’t happen because if any single person in McGuinty’s cabinet admitted for one second that this problem exists it would be the end to his Wind Scam and all the Industrialists that will make money off it.

    Couldn’t have that now could we?

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