Rethink ill-conceived plan


Smitherman's Deal Blowing Apart

Toronto Star    Finally, our premier is listening to more level-headed people in the cabinet. He should have done this long ago. The “green energy” plans his energy and infrastructure minister have presented have set the government against the people it governs, threatened whole communities, make little or no economic or environmental sense, give the appearance that the government is in bed with the wind energy companies, create lucrative opportunities for expensive consultants, and in some cases endanger the public’s health. It is an ill-conceived plan that has removed people’s rights to legitimately object to the actions of their government.

Congratulations to the Liberal cabinet members who finally found the courage to speak up. One hopes this will mean that Dalton McGuinty will rethink his government’s entire approach to green energy and start exploring a range of viable options instead of dumping wind turbines on unwilling communities.

Patricia Spindel, Toronto

3 thoughts on “Rethink ill-conceived plan

  1. And no one checks into these companies that invade communities.. IMO

    I read somewhere that an internet gambling company is involved with an industrial wind project in Ontario..

    Who is going to take these monsters down when they wear out?

    etc etc etc..


  2. Your Lottery money goes to OLG and Trillium spends it. Trillium props up Non Governmental Agencies who are the foot soldiers of the Wind Industry and crooked Government!
    Doesn’t get much more corrupt than that!……..not just one project, I would say all projects.
    One more thing…I hope Smitherman is afraid to show his weasel face at Queen’s Park but one can’t insult an ignorant man!

  3. In rationalizing the e-health scandal McGuinty,
    to the extent that he shouldered any responsibilty,
    indicated that part of the problem was due to his
    exuberance and impatience to get things done.
    He and his henchman – Smitherman – have made the same mistake with the GEA. At some point
    in time this ‘green energy’ debacle is going to blow up and make the e-health fiasco look mild in
    comparison. We are being governed, and I use
    the term loosely, by a pack of clueless, immoral,
    corrupt, fiscally irresponsible imbeciles that are
    driving this province to financial ruin.

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