Two More Homes Abandoned in Turbine Town, Ontario

[Note:  The developer of this project is AIM Powergen whose CEO, Mike Crawley is also President of the Federal Liberal Party (Ontario)]

—Tracy Whitworth, Schoolteacher (11/5/09)

2004-10-17%20Clear%20creek%20sign-web%20pageClear Creek, Ontario.  Quiet, peaceful.  The sound of the lake; the overhead passing of migrating geese; tundra swans in the early spring.  Deer and wild turkeys.  Clear starry skies.  Silent except for the sounds of the crickets and bullfrogs.  The sight of a small country church across the way; the church I remember attending as a young girl with my Grandmother.

Sounds nice, doesn’t it? That was my retreat of 11 years.  A place I called home, a place I loved, a place I miss. It was my heaven on earth.

My home now sits among huge, massive turbines. Sixteen turbines surround me, all within a 3 km radius of my home.  The closest is 400 metres from my back door.

People often ask me what my problem is with the turbines.  (”They are not very noisy,” I am told.)

The noise is constant, some days louder than others. It is not noise I enjoy or choose to be around. It is noise I cannot escape.

What most don’t understand is that it is the low frequency waves you cannot hear that are so debilitating to one’s health. These frequencies also drive away the wildlife.  I no longer have deer, geese, swans passing by. These frequencies torment my dogs.  These frequencies keep me awake at night.

Welcome to “Turbine Town” Clear Creek, Ontario.

I live with the movement of shadow flicker created by the rotation of the turbines, coming through my dining room window as I drink my coffee in the morning. I have developed a sensitivity in which now I cannot even tolerate the movement of a small ceiling fan.

The skies where I live are no longer clear but dotted with blinking red lights marking the height of the turbines. When the turbines are down, a constant buzzing noise is emitted from the motionless structures. I have developed tinitus in my ears. I hear and feel the pulsating of the turbines and buzzing in my ears. I also feel the pulsating in my throat and chest.

Two homes have been abandoned where I live because of health reasons related to the effects of the turbines. One of these properties is host to 2 turbines. Many properties are for sale. In fact most of the properties where landowners reside on premises are for sale. Real estate sales in my area are significantly less than other areas in Ontario. Some real estate brokers will not touch a property adjacent to a turbine for fear of future law suit.

Nothing is selling in Turbine Town. Land value has decreased significantly because of the turbines.

There is a dividing of the community.  There are those who have signed leases, many of whom are regretting they were mislead or ill informed regarding the turbines. People are reluctant to speak about the turbine situation. These leases contain “gag orders.”  Many of these people suffer, yet are embarrassed and therefore deny the turbines are the cause of their illness.

I have:

  • nausea (often) & dizziness (often)
  • significant hearing loss
  • itchy eyes
  • high blood pressure (recently, an immediate and intense elevation to 180/118, causing severe headache and complete dysfunction)
  • heart palpitations
  • achy joints
  • short term memory loss
  • severe sleep deprivation on a regular basis

Results of a sleep study I had done showed 214 interruptions in a 6 hour period (note:  6-8 is considered normal; 214 is comparable to someone who has attention deficit disorder). I have very little if any regenerative sleep periods. I have been told that I have developed a sensitivity that does not leave my body when I leave the vicinity of the turbines.  The term used was “toxic”—my body is in a toxic state.

I have an ulcer in my nose that does not heal. I am awaiting an appointment in November with an ears, nose and throat specialist (otolaryngologist).

I often have blood in my urine (never was a problem in the past). I am having problems with my lymph nodes. I have been anaemic because of excessive blood loss. Blood work and other tests do not indicate changes which may cause this haemorrhaging. I have spent time in the emergency room at the hospital because of this.

I once thought my degenerating health was part of the natural aging process. I did not believe the turbines could be the cause of my health issues. I questioned myself as to whether or not it was all in my head. I now believe exposure to the turbines accelerate these processes as well as create other health problems.

I am angry, helpless, and disappointed our government would let something like this happen.  I am appalled at their ignorance and lack of compassion. It saddens me to watch my family and friends suffer from the same effects of the turbines.

It is also very saddening for me to see my dogs suffering. I cannot imagine the distress they must be enduring because of their sensitive hearing. I have not figured out what to do about it.

I spend as much time as I can away from my home, away from my son who is also sleep deprived and moody. We are exhausted and miserable. I often seek refuge with friends, often falling asleep minutes after I arrive. They are very understanding.

I feel like a gypsy.

What was once a beautiful place to live has been destroyed.  And for what? I suggest you think about it long and hard before committing to these huge monstrosities known as industrial wind turbines.

12 thoughts on “Two More Homes Abandoned in Turbine Town, Ontario

  1. Tracy… there are no words..

    I am so sorry you are going through this.

    Jackie Allan

  2. Having been laid off from work at the end of June for a 7-month duration, I thought I could ride out this period of financial stress just by staying at home. I don’t need to spend a lot of money to entertain myself; I have lots of hobbies that would have kept me occupied; I could have made it. But now, with the constant, prolonged exposure, I’m getting sicker day by day, with some health ailments that may never be recovered. Tracy has vividly portrayed an account of what was once a piece of paradise, is now a living night and day-mare.

    I too miss my “home”.

  3. People are expendable! People’s homes are no longer “sanctuaries” against harm and safety! A certain amount of damage must be endured so that Ontario can lead the World with more “Green Power”.

    These are the true beliefs of McGuinty and Smitherman not to mention Crawley, Hornung and all Wind Developers!

    To even “ask” this Government for help in what is happening is a never ending losing battle and waste of energy.

    The only way that this criminal annihilation of people’s homes and health will stop will be to remove these “carpet baggers” from power! People Power must be the answer. Take back our Municipal Councils and then tell these Criminals to “bugger off!”

  4. [Note: The developer of this project is AIM Powergen whose CEO, Mike Crawley is also President of the Federal Liberal Party (Ontario)]

    LPC(O) Management Committee
    Mike Crawley

    So the liberal government makes a law.. A law that takes away the rights of ‘some’ individual persons..
    And then ‘some’ liberals actually make money off of said law?

    Jackie Allan

  5. Thanks Tracy—
    What will it take to get the appropriate authorities to acknowledge our situation ???
    I had to reduce the amount of time I spend in Clear Creek from 75% to less than 50%.
    Our Clear Creek residence was meant to be our retirement home.
    ???Now what???


    I have been doing a search on Mike Crawley this morning and see I am far behind some who post here in knowledge about him..

    From that link..(this is for the ones that are new to this)

    Mike Crawley has done just about every job that a Liberal hack could do. If you read his resumé — all you have to do is go to the federal Liberal Party’s Web site and it’s right there — he’s counted paperclips and he’s sharpened pencils, he’s answered the phone and he’s been the gofer for this and the gofer for that. He’s made his living being a Liberal hack

    (further down the page)

    Here is what really stinks: He goes to the Liberal policy conference three weeks ago and tells you what your hydro policy should be, and then three weeks later, he gets a $475-million contract. Where I come from, this stinks. This stinks. Will you do the responsible thing and will you terminate this blatant conflict of interest, this blatant payoff to your Liberal friend?

    The more you learn…..

    Jackie Allan

  7. Actually McGuinty has removed most of the “Appropriate Authorities” that one could appeal to for help.

    By removing any law and order from inside our Province this “Wind Gang” can destroy people’s lives without having to answer to any Provincial Authority!

  8. Unfortunately those people who believe that we are just complainers, NIMBYists or we don’t understand the big picture are the people who do not have any of these monsters in their backyard. Therefore they do not understand the negative impact created by the IWTs, are also ill informed or are afraid to question some aspects of the “Save the planet” movement. Others are feeding at money trough and don’t give hoot what happens ~20 years from now.
    I wonder how many of these folks truly practice ‘CONSERVATION”.
    Some other questions I keep asking myself:
    – Why are the highways in the GTA lit up like daylight overnight? Are vehicles not equipped headlights?
    – Why are most office towers nearly fully illuminated Saturday nights at 2am? How many people are still working at that time?
    – Why do people still jump into a car (SUV) to go to the corner store and then leave the engine running?
    – Etc.,etc —

  9. For those not familiar with the work of Dr. Nina Pierpont check out her website.

    Welcome to “death row”, Turbine Town, Clear Creek Ontario.

  10. ‘A fast-ball batting-cage nightmare’
    P. J. O’Rourke

    I really wonder how many groups in how many places will need to be rolled by the ‘wind industry, government and know-it-all “environmental” groups’ before it’s apparent that ‘a strong, unified of opposition’ that ‘promotes awareness’ is all but useless.

    You’ve brought a bread-and-butter knife to a gunfight.

    I need help to turn over a great deal of ideas that pertain to what combinations of actions are acceptable to what combinations of people in respect of what range of issues. You should decide – I’m sorry to sound so blunt – whether your underpinning drive is commiseration, or whether you want to beat these guys, and thereby gain experience that you can bring to bear, at a later date, to deal with larger problems.

    Mark Blair

  11. I just don’t know what to do!! It seems as thought the primary dynamic here is commiseration. I don’t mean that harshly. I would like to help. My email is . Please contact me if you are interested in hammering out some policies. Meanwhile, my checking in every day, only to find that no one is paying attention, is hard on my poor old eyes. Commiseration feels good, but it won’t stop — what is it? — 1,500 more turbines being erected. Latest GISS stats are out: hotttest temps in 160 years!
    Mark Blair, Rocky Gully

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