The actions of this government have turned the precautionary principle on its head

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Provincial plans to create a streamlined approval process for renewable energy projects have been met with a bevy of objections — from proponents, municipal leaders, and those who believe wind turbines negatively impact human health — and a court challenge.  Read entire article here

5 thoughts on “The actions of this government have turned the precautionary principle on its head

  1. What is so difficult to understand? This wind farm frenzy is nothing but a scam and for some reason our political leaders are giving away our taxpayer dollars on this stupid fairy tale. IWT’s do not do what they’ve been advertised to do: once you factor in the need for gas turbines running 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year they do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO CURB NOXIOUS EMISSIONS. So where does that leave our political leaders? They have huge questions to answer . There is a scientific consesus now that there is NO GLOBAL WARMING. Should anyone wish a further education on this, listen to Lord Christopher Monckton of Brenchley, a scientist who Al Gore repeatedly refused to debate with. There lies a eye-opening, most fascinating speech of his at Bethel University in St. Paul’s a few weeks ago. You will find his 1 1/2 hour speech just a little over halfway down the page at, pass it around PLEASE:

  2. …….. so, to continue from my post above: your Amaranth Mayor Don MacIver is just as naive as the rest of the politicians. His comment “It’s not a question of whether you like turbines or not, it’s a question … of planning it and putting it in properly” is totally assinine. We don’t need IWT’s because they do not curb noxious emissions (see previous post). Mr. MacIver and all politicians including all health care providers need to get current with REAL SCIENCE! What the hell is the matter with them? Obviously we’re dealing with the same type of people who believed the world was flat when Christopher Columbus sailed off! All I have to say is the actual SCIENCE speaks volumes!

  3. The “Politicians” who are selling out the Province to the Wind Industry are just creating a “retirement home” for themselves and their friends when they are literally kicked out of Ontario Politics by the voters!

    An ugly and quite inhumane bunch of “greed merchants” who are destroying people’s lives in the pursuit of personal wealth!

    Now argue that point McGuinty and Smitherman!

  4. ClimateGate post should be forwarded to Suzuki Foundation and asked for comments!

    These “corrupt” claims and statements by NGO’s and Foundations promoting the CG hysteria should be exposed to every living human being on the Planet!

    About time the Climate Change “Charlatans” have to answer for their insane agenda just to establish a bogus industry that is bankrupting the Western World!

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