“Wind Turbine Syndrome” Book Now Available

Nina Pierpont’s Book “Wind Turbine Syndrome” is now available.    Click Here to purchase.

Nina Pierpont, MD, PhD, Wind Turbine Syndrome:  A Report on a Natural Experiment (Santa Fe, NM:  K-Selected Books, 2009), 294 pp.  Paperback, $18 USD. 

“Impressive.  Interesting.  And important.”  –-Professor Lord (Robert) May, PhD, of Oxford University OM AC Kt FRS. 

“Dr. Pierpont’s astute collection of observations should motivate a well-controlled, multi-site, multi-institutional prospective study.” F. Owen Black, MD, FACS, Senior Scientist and Director of Neuro-Otology Research, Legacy Health System, Portland, Oregon

2 thoughts on ““Wind Turbine Syndrome” Book Now Available

  1. Go Nina go!

    Now, windies, what was that you were saying about peer-reviewed health studies?

    People in Ontario and around the world are suffering from WTS forced on them by incompetent/negligent governments. Enough!

  2. A compulsory “URGENT MUST READ” for all politicians and IWT developers across Canada !!!
    (A quantity discount applies)

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