Council asks neighbours to help fight wind turbines

By Mary Golem Owen Sound Sun Times

Arran-Elderslie council wants to join forces with neighbouring municipalities to try to stop construction of large wind turbines in the area.

Council will invite councillors from both Chatsworth and Georgian Bluffs to meet in Chesley the first week of December “to form a plan of attack,” Elderslie ward Coun. Mark Davis said Monday.

“Everyone is wondering what to do, and everyone is waiting on someone else to act,” Davis said. “We need to do something . . . these things will affect us all.

“I guess the ultimate control is for farmers not to sign any options,” he said and added that he knows of landowners “who thought it wasn’t a bad idea a few months ago that are now changing their minds. There’s a huge percentage of our ratepayers in Arran-Elderslie that don’t want them and we’ve got to do something.”

1 thought on “Council asks neighbours to help fight wind turbines

  1. I just have a quick question. (or two)
    If land owners dosen’t sign up to allow a turbine on his land is there anything the government can do to force him?
    Adding if most of the land owners say no, is there a min. number of turbines that will make the project stop?
    Thank you, Kirk.

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