Wind turbine sign vandal caught on camera

Images from Guildwood incident sent to police

Barry Matthews is hoping a Guildwood vandal knows he’s being watched.

Matthews is part of the Save the Toronto Bluffs group working to raise awareness about the possibility of wind turbines in Lake Ontario off the coast of the Scarborough Bluffs. The group put up signs in people’s lawns – with their permission – on Nov. 24 and two disappeared later that night. The one-foot by two-feet signs, yellow with black type with the words “health studies before wind turbine” written on them, were replaced the morning of Nov. 25. But this time Matthews was ready.

“The new signs were bait signs,” he said.

Matthews was ready with a camera to catch the signs being spray painted with black paint to cover the message.

He’s handed those photos over to police, but doesn’t expect the issue will be a high priority.

“I’m not holding out much hope,” he said.

“What I was hoping to do when I sent out (the message) to the mailing list is that he would get wind of the fact we’d contacted police.”

The group has a strong suspicion the vandal lives in the neighbourhood.

Signs from a similar group, SOS (Save Our Shoreline Toronto), have disappeared, but Matthews doesn’t know if there have been other incidents of vandalism or if the missing SOS signs are related to this latest graffiti incident.

He believes the individual responsible is on the opposite side of the wind turbine argument.

“We don’t care which side of the argument you come down on, just do your homework,” Matthews said.

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