Large Donation Kicks Off “Rx WTS Fund” for Wind Victims in Ontario

Thank You, Nina and Calvin!

Dr. Nina Pierpont and Calvin Luther Martin have generously donated $5,000 towards Rx WTS fund for people in Ontario.    

Ontarians who live too close to turbines and are experiencing severe problems have found getting away from the wind turbines enabled them to sleep properly and their symptoms clear up immediately.   There is no drug or cure other than completely leaving the area.    Requests for help or solutions from the developers and/or the Ontario government have been ignored.

This fund will be used to set up a temporary respite shelter and help with expenses such as gas and motel bills.

Our heartfelt thanks go to Nina and Calvin.   Americans certainly are the most generous people on earth.  

We encourage you to show your appreciation by purchasing Nina’s book and donating it to your Chief Medical Officer or local public library.

3 thoughts on “Large Donation Kicks Off “Rx WTS Fund” for Wind Victims in Ontario

  1. They don’t come any nicer or more generous than Nina and Calvin!


  2. I couldn’t agree more. People wait and try to find solutions while our gov’t officials ponder the situation to figure out how to assess for noise problems without so much as investigate what is going on in these areas of Ontario that are causing people to abandon their homes to find some relief. So much disconnect with people today and too easy to discount real problems all in the name of an ideology that has yet to prove that it can do anything towards GHG emissions let alone air pollution which is the real problem.

  3. Are losses from wind turbines an insurable event or hazard or damage?

    How much would a private insurance (or gov’t.?) policy or a rider on an existing homeowner policy cost to compensate those from Sky High Industrial Towers destroying people’s lives and/or their home’s values?

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