Call to stop wind farm construction near Australian homes

ABC Australia
Mr Kavanagh says some people are becoming sick from the low frequency noise at the Waubra wind farm.

A Western Victorian MP wants the construction of wind turbines near homes and businesses stopped, until an investigation into their health effects has been completed.

Democratic Labor Party MLC Peter Kavanagh asked the Planning Minister in Parliament this week to impose a moratorium on the building of wind turbines within one-and-a-half kilometres of homes and businesses.

In September, he called for a Government investigation into the health effects of wind farms, after complaints from residents near the Waubra facility, west of Ballarat.

But Mr Kavanagh says a lot of turbines could go up before the investigation is finished.

“It would seem to be pretty absurd to be giving approval for them to be built when we don’t know whether they are harmful to health or not,” he said.

“It could get to the stage in 12 months where there’s a report that says, yes they’re very harmful to health.”

Mr Kavanagh says there are dozens of turbines at the Waubra wind farm which is close to farms and buildings, and the low frequency noise coming from them is making people sick.