Acoustic Ecology Institute blasts CanWEA funded study

Wind industry study says no health effects – but “omits” any mention of sleep disruption

A report issued by the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) and the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) purports to assess all currently available research on the health effects associated with exposure to wind farm noise, and concludes that there are no such problems.  The report centers on the symptoms of the reported “wind turbine syndrome,” and offers a robust critique of the idea that low frequency noise from wind farms can cause direct health impacts; meanwhile, however, the report minimizes the levels of annoyance and impacts on quality of life reported in other studies, and completely omits any assessment of the most widely reported health-related impact of living near wind farms, sleep disruption.

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1 thought on “Acoustic Ecology Institute blasts CanWEA funded study

  1. CANWEA and Hornung and AWEA have produced their “study” which is now being rebuked very quickly and loudly by “real” scientists and health professionals. Just like the fake Global Warming stats that were published for the Copenhagen debacle CANWEA thinks that just by writing a pile of “tripe” and having it published will be enough to shut sick people up and have them stop complaining about having to move out of their homes to save themselves from illness from living too close to the “Wind Monsters” being erected next to their homes.

    The backlash against falsehoods is coming very quickly right at these industrialists and politicians who advocate their “twisted” views and the “crosshairs” of the Truth are aimed directly at these people. Good Luck!

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