So who does CanWEA handpick to lead their “study”?

Why did Dr. David Colby appear as a representative of Skypower in Picton which is 5.5 hours away from Chatham-Kent and yet he has not talked to anyone suffering in Chatham-Kent area?

From the College of Physician and Surgeons of Ontario Investigations Committee concerning Dr. Colby’s close involvement and ties with the Wind Industry: 

Futhermore, the Committee observes, Dr. Colby expertise is in medical microbiology and infectious disease, an area quite distinct from audiology or other fields related to the physical impact of wind turbines on human health. Thus, the Committee wishes to remind Dr. Colby, going forward, of the importance of fully disclosing the extent of his qualifications in a field in which he has been retained as an “expert” and also to ensure that he fully disclose to the public the organization or corporation by whom he has been retained as an expert. Such actions on Dr. Colby’s part may help prevent additional, similar complaints being lodged against him. ~ November 6, 2009, College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, Investigations Committee

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2 thoughts on “So who does CanWEA handpick to lead their “study”?

  1. To be so involved with an industry such as Wind and the Industrialists who are pushing this harmful agenda forward is bordering on the “criminal”!

    The very least action that should be taken against this individual is to subject him to a public hearing and have him justify why he thinks he should continue on in his post as a “Medical Expert” to the Wind Industry.

    His credentials are far from having anything to do with the effects of Low Frequency Noise on humans. He’s an infectious disease Doctor…possibly he could identify “McGuinty and his gang” as the worst “infectious disease” we have ever experienced in Ontario!

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