CanWEA Study: Don’t believe the ‘yes-men’

I share your concern about the potentially serious effects of wind turbine generated pressure changes at significant distances from the site. The problem is similar to the premature application of 750 kV lines (for which I was a consultant) and the various U.S. Navy projects (e.g, Sanguine, Seafarer) that resulted in significant health problems because political and economic enthusiasm eclipsed perspicacious and informed decisions.

Professor Michael A. Persinger

National Post

by Professor Michael A. Persinger, Behavioural Neuroscience Program, Laurentian University, Sudbury, Ont.

Professor Persinger’s detailed comments on the study available here

The comment by a wind industry-paid panel that the sound of wind turbines are an “annoyance that may be a frustrating experience for people, [but it is not] an adverse health effect or disease of any kind” is a classic example of the commercial tradition of paying academics from “prestigious” institutions to be yes-men. Until multiple, carefully controlled experimental studies are completed that accommodate individual differences in sensitivities and their synergistic effects with these amplitude fluctuations in sound pressure, the statement that they are “not harmful” is premature.

As the only Canadian scientist on the Overhead Power Lines Panel for the State of New York during the 1980s, I saw the same strategy employed when concerns about 765 kV Ontario-Quebec-New York power lines were masked by the dismissive rhetoric of profit-driven power companies. However, objective and balanced studies by researchers — not funded or connected to power companies — showed the complex and sometimes adverse effects of power frequencies.

A similar independent group, accountable to the public and not to the wind industry, should be created in Canada.

3 thoughts on “CanWEA Study: Don’t believe the ‘yes-men’

  1. It amazes me that the promise of “easy money” can make people do very strange things. Dr. Colby must have been paid rather handsomly by CANWEA and AWEA to stick his neck out and take on their “mantra” to fight the anti Wind lobby groups.

    To lose one’s credibility and be dragged into the murky, dark strategy used by Wind Industrialists to sell their damaging and destructive products must yield quite a lucrative return of CASH!

    I suppose even the noble calling of being a Doctor is no defence against “Greed”!

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  3. That’s telling ’em, professor! Those windies are nothing but deceitful con artists and carpbetbaggers.

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