Would you want this near your home?

A wind turbine burns near Uelzen, a town in Lower Saxony, Germany. The fire that incurred damages of €750,000 is assumed to have been caused by a technical fault near the top of the turbine, according to police reports.

2 thoughts on “Would you want this near your home?

  1. What they don’t show in that image is the effect on residents downwind of that burning piece of industrial waste. Toxic fumes! Particles of burnt fiberglass wafting along on the wind! (Both of which have happened in a turbine fire in California.) That’s why you want these things at least 2 km from rural homes.

    What a lot of pro-wind types forget is that these IWTs have a gallons of oil in them which spill and/or burn. Would you want to suck in those fumes?

  2. Average 400 l of oil for a 1.5 MW IWT as per Kluber’s lubrication for IWT’s promotional material. The volume of oil can vary. As for the toxic fumes and particles, 2km is not far enough away. There are no practical methods available to fight fires in IWTs. When IWT fires happen nothing can be done but to let them burn. If a house catches on fire because of an IWT fire, who is responsible? If a forest catches on fire because of an IWT fire who is responsible for the damage? Will insurance soon cost more for someone living near an IWT?

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