It’s my health, my family’s health, the viability of our farm, the value of our farm

'The viability of our farm is at stake,' said Colette McLean, who lives next door to the wind farm project and opposes it. (Tom Taylor/CBC)

CBC News

Construction is well underway at the first major wind farm in Ontario’s Essex County, despite reservations by some residents about the project.

The $82-million AIM Harrow Wind Farm will include 24 turbines each 120 metres tall and with blades 47 metres long. Together, they’re expected to generate enough electricity to power 350,000 homes, according to Paul Robinson, the construction site manager.

The AIM Harrow Wind Farm in Essex, Ont., includes 24 turbines, each requiring a massive concrete pedestal base like the one pictured above. (Tom Taylor/CBC)

Between 90 and 130 workers broke ground on the project on Oct. 14, and have since built approximately 11 kilometres of roads in the rural area to accommodate heavy construction vehicles and equipment. They have also poured thousands of cubic metres of concrete for the turbines’ massive concrete pedestal bases. The turbines themselves lie in pieces on the frozen ground, waiting to be erected.

The project is slated to be complete by the middle of May, with a “target date for completion in putting power back into the grid [at] the end of June,” said Robinson.

Neighbours upset

But some nearby residents doubt it will be that easy to get the project up and running.

“It’s an incredibly unreliable intermittent source of energy,” local resident Colette McLean told CBC News. “Because of that we have to rely on — guess what? — fossil fuel generators for backup.

“It’s my health, my family’s health, the viability of our farm, the value of our farm,” said McLean, whose farm on Gore Road is next door to the new farm. “That’s everything to me.

“Everything my husband, and my son and I have worked for, it’s going to be gone,” she said.

Robinson argues that wind farms “are kind of pleasing to the eye,” and says “there’s no impact on the area that would be detrimental” to local residents.

“I mean, I have not seen anything that can confirm that that’s what’s really happening out there,” said Robinson. “It’s good, clean power.”

11 thoughts on “It’s my health, my family’s health, the viability of our farm, the value of our farm

  1. Yup, wink wink, nudge nudge, “good clean power” with “no impact on the area that would be detrimental”. Pull my other leg!

    When is this madness going to stop?!

    And who is going to clean up the millions of tons of concrete bases, metal towers and non-recycleable fiberglass turbine blades when this scam finally runs its course? Look in the mirror, folks: it’ll be the suffering taxpayers of the province that bail those bankrupt/irresponsible con artists out. You get it coming and going!

  2. When the city folk who rush to the side of the Wind Industry extolling their virtues start to wonder why the food stores are showing shortages of Canadian grown food due to lost farmland maybe then they will notice how the Wind Turbines have destroyed our valuable farms!

    Of course there is always cheap Chinese lead based food to eat!

    Madness is a good description here but I would up it one step to INSANITY!

  3. I would have imagined that anyone with sincere good intentions of providing green, clean power would be very upset if they heard that people are suffering adverse health effects. I would think they would be at the forefront making sure this energy source was not harmful. I do not understand how apparently compassionate ‘for the planet’ people can be so stone cold when it comes to their neighbours. How horribly disturbing. What is going on within this industry??

  4. Paul Robinson, the construction site manager gets the last word..

    IMO this article is a set up..

  5. You may want to go and talk personally to Colette and find out first hand that this article is not only true but just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

    What is happening in Essex is a TRAGEDY! and anyone involved in bringing these turbines to fruition including the Council of Essex are no better than common criminals!

  6. IMO the CBC is setting us up to believe what they want us to believe.. (wind turbines are a good thing not a bad thing)

    I noticed that when there was a lot of news (on the blogs mainly) about the leaked emails and global warming CBC did not do a lot of reporting about any of it..

    When I wrote “this is a set up” I meant that it was a set up AGAINST the ones who do not want turbines in their backyards..

    It is a terrible tragedy.. and I am sorry that my post did not get that across..

  7. I took the comment wrong also……….I guess we are all a bit stressed lately with these Wind Weasels ramping up the rhetoric………………..
    Happy New Year and the fight goes on…………….

  8. Sometimes I do not finish a sentence..

    I am sorry we all are upset.. its terrible when things are done to us..things that we have no control over.. Especially our homes..

    The press.. the main stream media needs to be looked at IMO.. My kids came out here for Christmas.. they do not understand what is going on.. my daughter loves the turbine near her home in Toronto.. She thinks it is actually doing what it is supposed to do.. and we all know who has been telling her that all is well and all things are well..

    I try and tell them.. but this has been building for such a long time..

  9. I reside in Manvers where wind turbines are being pushed upon us as they have in other communities in Ontario. Seems that our civil rights have been taken away to allow clear sailing by the turbine industry. That scares me as much as the turbines themselves. Who would have thought that democracy would be taken away from us to allow an industry unfettered advantages. I wonder if this is Charter violation? I think it is as it has taken away my ability to speak and be heard. As Canadians we all believe in truthfulness and fairness. I know the old adage that nothing is fair, but taking away my right to oppose this Act is a departure from the Environmental Assessment Act. The government certainly does not have too much respect for us.

    I try to read as much as possible on the subject, but one issue that has not received consideration is that should a turbine catch fire, it will be the local municipality that will be held responsible to extinguish the fire or carry-out any rescue.

    I formerly resided in the Niagara Region for many years and some may remember a very unfortunate accident when the lift bridge on the Welland Canal at Allanburg (Thorold) was not raised in time and ship named the Windoc struck the centre of the bridge near the operator control area. What happened could have been a disaster, but the stack of the ship was ripped off when the ship hit the bridge. What I want to bring to everyone’s attention is that the ship caught fire and the local fire department was unable to do anything but watch from shore. The fire department was not trained nor did they have the specialized equipment to deal with this type of incident. The St. Laurence Seaway certainly doesn’t have any fire department, so everyone watched as the ship drifted downstream and then suddenly stopped. The final outcome was the ship burned beyond repair and was later taken by tug for scarp. The canal was closed and the bridge was closed for several months causing a significant problem for motorists. The road closed would be in comparison to Highway 35. If you want to see the ship hit the bridge go to You Tube and type in Windoc or Welland Canal. It wasn’t pretty.

    I think we need to ask the Province what will they be doing to protect communities? Do they have a plan in place? Are they going to provide the millions of dollars that a municipality would need to deal with a turbine fire? Or are they going assemble province wide wind turbine rescue crew as MNR has done for decades putting out forest fires? I think this is something to think about. We have plans in place for nuclear or breaks in dams, but what about wind turbines? I may be totally over reacting, but I just keep thinking about the Windoc incident. Everyone was pointing fingers at everyone else.

    I do not trust Mr.Guinity as he has not demonstrated any leadership qualities that tell me that he knows what he is doing. If fact I think he as lost it and is know running this province like demigod. He is out of step with the people and will likely be defeated when we all have a chance to make him pay for his poor judgment(s) and not fulfilling his promises. Where has good government gone that serves to treat people with respect?

    Please give this issue some consideration if it has not already been added to the long and growing list of negatives.

    Thanks for reading this.

    David W. in Manvers

  10. Well written David……….just to take your point a few steps further………..who will be responsible for the dismantling of these steel monsters when their life span is completed?

    Hundreds upon hundreds of massive structures all rusting and dripping poison on our land within the next 20 years!……..nice legacy for our children and grandchildren………….this may be the worst Environmental Catastrophe ever to happen to Rural Canada, and all with the blessing of our so-called “Leaders”.

    Does the word “SCANDAL” come to mind?

  11. David W. point well made.. I have been searching the web looking for articles on who or what company is responsible for cleaning up accidents involving Industrial Wind Turbines.. Still doing it..

    Thought I would share some interesting stuff I found today..

    “Climategate: Failure of a Blind and Biased Mainstream Media

    It’s beyond belief that the mainstream media can’t see the devastating importance of the emails leaked from the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) known as Climategate. The blindness cancels the claim they’re society’s watchdog.”

    …end of quoting from the article..

    When we want to get the word out that Industrial Wind Turbines are not good for peoples health.. we get back that there are no good studies of this ‘problem’ and there are no published peer reviewed articles etc etc..
    No problem here move along..

    I believe that these wind turbines are the result of the fear put out by so called global warming alarmists…

    The Viscount Monckton of Brenchley wrote something real important this past week and shows how blind some people can be..

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