Noise Pollution from Wind Turbines

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3 thoughts on “Noise Pollution from Wind Turbines

  1. Noisy, but Big Wind — BWEA, AWEA and Can WEA — all claim those 400 foot giants are as quiet as trees rustling through the leaves. Or was that leaves rustling through the trees? I always get that bit of their propaganda mixed up.

    Big Wind = Big Pile of Propaganda

  2. What is interesting about this graphic is the fact that it is the result of a journalist’s summary using AWEA and CanWEA information. So in fact these lobbying groups are admitting that low frequency noises can penetrate walls and windows, sound is generated by wind passing over the blade, pulsing or oscillating sound is created and high pitch noise is derived from the nacelle.

    In Ontario the Wind developer is not even obliged to provide assessment for low frequency noise only the audible portions for the sake of hearing impairment. This is how the “windies” get their Cert. of Approval from MOE which in turn allows the project to go ahead. Now MOE indicates to citizens who are suffering that they do not have a proper scientific method for assessing noise, yet this is how MOE determined the setback based on the best and latest scientific info.

    Seems to me MOE is reading the Wind industry’s report too much and not trying to understand what is the real situation that exists for people presently suffering within these Industrial wind projects.

  3. I think you need a job that involves extensive interactions between the biodiversity and its current status as pre and post development of wind farms. What encourages interdisciplinary work.

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