Municipality of West Grey Calls for Moratorium


The Municipality of West Grey is taking a stand against the proposed wind turbines coming to the area. In a resolution approved on Monday afternoon, the municipality is requesting the Province of Ontario to put a moratorium on the proposed wind turbines.

Before a handful of concerned residents of West Grey in council chambers at the municipality of West Grey, councillors passed their own resolution, with plans to send it to MPs and MPPs, as well as surrounding municipalities of West Grey and the County of Grey.

Councillor Bev Cutting asked for an informal approach to the meeting to include feedback from the members as to what the resolution was like “in their eyes.”

West Grey resident Richard O’Brien asked that the resolution include the word “ask” in their approach to the province, in hopes that they will feel pressure to comply with the demands of the resolution.

In plain terms, the resolution demanded attention be taken to the municipality in ensuring the wellbeing of residents with the turbines, as well as providing straightforward and concise information about what will happen to matters of value of land ownership and property value.

Included in the resolution is the dissatisfaction that the Municipality of West Grey has with the Province of Ontario in removing industrial wind turbine approvals and overall decision making approvals from the municipal government. Also, West Grey expressed their concerns towards the potential health effects that would be imposed on the people due to the wind turbines, and it brings attention to the fact that proven health effects of the wind turbines is proving to be destructive and divisive to the social and cultural fabric of the West Grey community.

The Municipality of West Grey included a request for information regarding the effects of the turbines. Stated as: “WHEREAS the Council of the Municipality of West Grey raises the issue that there are enough industrial wind turbines erected and operating in the Province of Ontario at this time that should be studied for overall economic, social and cultural impact on rural urban communities, the people of the rural urban communities, the environment, wildlife, and livestock and domestic animals”.

As well, the Council of the Municipality of West Grey asks that the project be under a pause.

Stated: “The Council of the Municipality of West Grey examine whether an indefinite moratorium should be placed until Council of the Municipality of West Grey is satisfied that the health, safety and well-being of the persons of the Municipality of West Grey and the protection of persons and property, including consumer protection of persons of the Municipality of West Grey is satisfied.”

A moratorium would put a delay on the project.

The Municipality of West Grey is hosting a public meeting for all those affected by the wind turbine project on Feb. 4 at 7 pm at the Durham Arena Community Centre.

West Grey councillors agreed that it’s time for clear, concise, information about the wind turbines, in a manner that is more fair than what the project owners have provided in the past, which was in an open house concept. Councillors felt that questions were evaded or not answered fairly at the open house. Councillors agreed that they want a more equal approach taken in informing all residents involved, not only in West Grey but also the Municipality of Arran-Elderslie, Township of Chatsworth and the Township of Georgian Bluffs.

Nextera Energy Resources was in correspondence with Christine Robinson regarding the subject of attendance of one of their representatives to the meeting. As The Post went to press, Robinson was awaiting reply.