AOK First Nation opposes wind project on health grounds

Demands 2-2.5 km setback of turbines from reserve boundary

by Jim Moodie  Manitoulin Expositor

AUNDECK OMNI KANING-As Northland Power, with input from the Northeast Town, finalizes its plan for a 43-turbine wind farm at McLean’s Mountain, nearby Aundeck Omni Kaning (AOK) has made it known through a recent band council resolution (BCR) that the First Nation is firmly against the project.

A copy of the BCR, approved by AOK council on January 12, was distributed late last week to the mayor and council of Northeastern Manitoulin and the Islands, along with a cover letter from AOK Chief Craig Abotossaway.

The leadership of AOK “feels that such a project is not supported by the appropriate information, such as health studies (and) setbacks, to base a sound decision with respect to the overall project,” writes Chief Abotossaway. “Therefore, the council of Aundeck Omni Kaning is vehemently opposed to any such project development.”

The resolution states that AOK “categorically opposes Northland Power’s wind-farm project proposal until such time as all encroachments of noise, low-frequency noise, health effects issues, and environmental concerns that will affect the health of our membership is (sic) addressed and to our satisfaction.”  Read entire article here.

3 thoughts on “AOK First Nation opposes wind project on health grounds

  1. Many more First Nations bands have to start fighting back like the AOK First Nation.

    Maybe this is a sign that a universal opposition across all boundaries in Ontario is starting.

    Very encouraging!

  2. First Nations people have been squeezed onto tiny remnants of their former territories. Now the government and wind corporations offers them trinkets in the form of GEA subsidies to destroy what little remains. My view is that it is just a continuation of genocidal policy. Thank goodness AOK FN has leaders that can see through this and take a stand to protect their lands and its inhabitants!

  3. The people of AOK First Nations have done their homework and are safeguarding the health and interests of their community…wish our ONtario government would do the same, and hadn’t handcuffed our own municipal governments. Yes, STAND UP!

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