Japanese MOE to survey health impairment due to wind power generation

Shimbun Denki   (January 25, 2010)

TOKYO, JAPAN –The Japanese Ministry of the Environment (MOE) intends to embark on its first survey ever of possible health impairment caused by wind power generation in fiscal 2010. The reason is that residents in the vicinity of wind turbines have complained of ill physical effects due to low-frequency sound emitted when the turbines turn. The MOE is going to consign execution of a fact-finding survey to a research institute. The survey results will provide the basis for studies to determine countermeasures by a newly established committee of experts.

The MOE is openly offering the survey job to research institutes and has thus far received applications from three. The survey will begin in fiscal 2010 and continue for a period of four years at most. It will cover wind farm facilities across the country and examine items such as the derivation of noise and low-frequency sound as well as the complaints, if any, from local residents.

2 thoughts on “Japanese MOE to survey health impairment due to wind power generation

  1. Park your pro-wind carcass in a vibrating house next to the umpteen turbines down at Turbine Town next to Lake Erie, Matt … for a few months, not hours … and you might gain some needed perspective.

    Then read Dr Nina Pierpont’s Wind Turbine Syndrome.

    FYI A good number of the rural folks who are now complaining about low frequency noise (and the accompanying vibration) were pro-wind/pro-green before the deceitful Big Wind con-artists hustled their way in with their 400-foot-high “quiet as rustling leaves” industrial giants. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. A few nasty leassons have been learned about these hucksters and their health-destroying IWTs: Theie golden rule is that money comes before victims and rural communities. This has nothing to do with electricity or power and everyting to do with the almighty $.

  2. I’m guessing that “many of the things I read” refers to the biased info-babble/propaganda coming from Big Wind. What were you saying about thinking for yourself?

    Gag orders? I never mentioned them but they are put in place when Big Wind offers a buyout/shut-up package to an impacted resident. The truth doesn’t mix well with their propaganda.

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