Why does anybody support wind turbines?

Meaford Express    Author: Chris Fell, Staff

I have a confession to make. Sometimes I have a hard time keeping a straight face while I listen to our elected politicians debate certain issues.

On January 18 I was almost bursting at the seams listening to Meaford council debate wind turbines.

The issue was simple. Some councillors wanted to pass a resolution telling the province and federal government that they need to do more research into the growing concerns about negative health effects being experienced by people living near wind turbines. The resolution also asked, based on that research, for the upper levels of government to implement new policies governing the location of industrial wind turbines.

As I said, the issue was simple. Meaford council defeated the resolution in a 4-3 vote. The message is clear: the Municipality of Meaford is now wide open for the provincial government and big business to pave over our countryside to build as many of these massive contraptions as possible.

During the debate, virtually every single member of Meaford council prefaced their comments with this: “I certainly support wind turbines…” Each time they said that I felt like screaming: “Why?”

Heaven forbid that any elected politician, anywhere, be seen as not being “green” enough. To a politician supporting wind turbines equals being “green.” Green = good! Therefore, they all “support wind turbines”, even if they do have concerns.

The question I have is this: why does anybody support wind turbines?

They’re horribly inefficient. They produce negligible power. They take away from our natural landscape. They don’t do anything to help our environment.

There is only one reason there is even a wind turbine debate in Ontario: massive government subsidies. Big power generation companies have been promised big bucks by the McGuinty government (which must look “green” at all costs) to help build industrial wind turbines and to place them all over rural areas where we have to put up with them so city folks don’t have to worry about having their views distorted. The government has also promised these companies guaranteed energy rates far above the current energy market for any power produced by wind turbines.

Without massive government subsidies there simply isn’t a marketplace for wind turbines. They’re too expensive to build and generate too little power to be economical.

All voters should think about that reality when their local school or hospital is threatened with closure because of provincial government cutbacks.

7 thoughts on “Why does anybody support wind turbines?

  1. Too bad some of Meaford Council are more concerned with appearances than ethics.

  2. Thank you, Canadian Federal Government…

    In the latest Federal Budget, in early March 2010, the federal incentive program for new wind projects was not renewed…

    If only the Ontario Provincial government would now do the same thing and reduce their subsidies for Wind Power which is a proven FAILED technology….

  3. Bravo Sir! We salute you! Thank you for this eyeopener of information on Nuclear Energy, now the toughest challenge will be to get this info to the people that have been greenwashed!

    Hope is what we need and HOPE is what you have given us with this information—

    I will never forget this day!

  4. If I were a Wind Energy Company I would support wind turbines because my risk is negligible…

    The Ontario Liberal Government bastardizes the economics so that we can get outrageous rates thru OPA for a Failed Fake Technology…Wind Turbines…and Industrial Wind Farms…

    We get a 20 year deal regardless….Thank god your Ontario Liberal Government is an idiot…

    In addition, the public is paying for this technology thru higher rates….

    Out projects are all rubber stamped regardless as to whether they are viable, cause health issues destroy communities, or even work…

    If we fail and the Industrial Wind Farms become money losers…Hahaha…We just walk away and Ontario (read you) is left with a Post-Industrial Junk Yard….

    Even if the turbines fall down or disintegrate…you will still have millions of tons of concrete instead of soil in the ground…Too bad but it will break down in a couple hundred years or so…

    If anybody complains we can force them to sign a ‘non-disclosure agreement’

    If we get sued because you have health concerns, we can just restructure or leave Ontario…

    It’s a great deal….

    If your property values go down…..too bad but there is a price for being “GREEN”…you should rejoice…”Praise the Lord….Dalton is the Green god….and George Smitherman is the mayor of Toronto”….

    What’s not to like..????….If you are a wind energy company….

    Silly Rabbit…Now you know who supports Wind Turbines…

    Nice Fairy Story, eh ?

    Thank God for the FAKE Green Energy Act…

  5. Sean: Glad you write better than me. Gaining a better understanding and implementation of the Integrated Fast Reactor is most likely where we have to go if we want energy 24/7. They are not perfect, but have more potential than what we seem to be wasting money on. We may not be able to consider other options if we continue to invest in the useless industrial wind technology that will never meet the power production most think it can. Transmission lines destroy forests and have a big price tag to build and maintain. A 20% loss of total power produced in part due to lines loss should not be tolerated. We should not be building more transmission lines, but figuring out ways to reduce the need for the miles we have.

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