Thunder Bay Group Presents to Lakehead School Board

Margot Freitag makes a presentation to the school board Tuesday.

By Jamie Smith,

A citizen’s group has asked the Lakehead Public School Board to join the fight against the proposed Big Thunder Wind Park.

 Nor’Wester Mountain Escarpment Protection Committee health and safety co-chair Margot Freitag, who is also a school board employee, made a presentation to the board Tuesday evening to discuss health concerns for students and staff at Nor’Westerview Public School should the estimated 18 wind turbines be installed. Freitag said the project would be within 2.6 kilometres of the school which could lead to everything from night terrors to ocular strokes for staff and students.

 Freitag asked the board to request a moratorium on the wind farm until a third party health study, which Frietag said the provincial government has denied so far, is conducted. The committee wants the board to make a deputation or write a letter to city council expressing their support for the moratorium.

 “Reports internationally are consistent that when children are living to close to a wind turbine…learning and cognitive functions are impaired and memory is impaired as well,” Freitag said. ” This is too close (to Nor’Westerview).”

 Because the presentation was for information only, trustees could not debate the issue or make a decision Tuesday night. The information will be given to a committee within the board and could be brought back to the board for a decision. Frietag said she’s confident that the board will do what the committee feels is the right thing. Wind farms are a new and complex issue for everyone added Freitag.

 ” My hope is that they will review that information,” said Freitag. “I am absolutely sure that they will do what they feel is in the best interest of the students and staff of Nor’Wester View School.”

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  1. WIRE requested studies be made of health effects on Wolfe Island’s children before, during and after the massive 86 turbine development by CDHI (now owned by one of Canada’s biggest coal producers). The turbines are 700 m from schools and 400 m from residents — less than the Green Energy Act setbacks established for safety.

    Multiple written requests for monitoring and information were sent to Ministers of Health, Education and Environment; the local health unit and the two school boards. Requests were made by teachers, parents and school councils for information and monitoring. The answer: silence.

    Kids on Wolfe Island are situated in the largest Ontario wind park, with setbacks of 400m. This in spite of Minister John Gerretsen’s assertion that the greater setbacks in the Green Energy Act were “necessary to best protect the health and safety of Ontarians”. These kids are in his own riding! Kids are encircled and exposed 24/7 to turbines setback less than the minimal setbacks; but apparently none of the public authorities responsible for overseeing the safety and security of these children are interested in even monitoring effects.

    Our kids are mandated to study and promote through the science curriculum the “benefits” industrial wind and the partisan political interests subsidizing the industry with our tax dollars. Yet our government is not even the least bit interested in “monitoring” the effects of industrial wind on the most vulnerable constituents.

    Then again, kids don’t vote or contribute to election campaigns.

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