Bruce County pushing for research on wind turbine health effects

By Pat Halpin, Special to The Kindardine News

BRUCE COUNTY is still pushing for research on the health impacts of wind turbines.

On Thursday the Agriculture, Tourism and Planning committee recommended support of resolutions from Grey County, Grey Bruce Public Health and Kawartha Lakes all calling for investigation into reports of adverse health effects reported by people living near turbines.

All levels of government are under pressure over reports of those adverse health affects, said Warden Mike Smith.  He wants a definitive study to determine if the reports are legitimate.

“There’s some question out in the community that there is some health effect to (turbines) in certain conditions,” Smith said.  “What we want is some clarification about if they’re legitimate and if it is it might perhaps affect how we site (turbines) or how we locate them.”

That could mean a need for new rules on where and how turbines are located.

There are already a number of health studies on turbines, but Smith said Bruce County is looking for a more comprehensive study based on broad research.

The province has indicated it’s prepared to look for answers.

“In certain cases there seems to be legitimate complaints. It would be nice to answer that question. I think that’s really all we’re asking. Let’s do this definitively,” Smith said. “Perhaps we can say where (turbines) should be sited and where they shouldn’t be

A definitive health study is important, Smith said, because the province is pressing ahead with turbine deals under the Green Energy Act.

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  1. McGuinty and all the other Wind participants “know” their day is coming to an end and will push as much Wind into Ontario before the “axe falls on them”…………..

    Once removed from power all participants will go into the sunset with a huge handshake in the form of $$$$ for all their “fine work”……meanwhile Ontarians will be left with a nightmare scenario to deal with for generations to come………

    A sad obituary for a Province that once was the “Engine that drove Canada”

    I know I’ll make sure my descendants remember the names who did this to this fine land just like the name “Diefenbaker” is drilled into my psyche by my Grandfather!

    I trust McGuinty will know this is his legacy!

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