Asphodel-Norwood Township supports moratorium on wind energy projects

Credit:  By Mark Hoult, The Community Press

Asphodel-Norwood – Council says the province should impose a moratorium on wind energy projects until a study of their impact on human health is carried out by an independent third party.

Asphodel-Norwood declared its stance this week by supporting a resolution by the Township of Mapleton calling for the Ontario Ministry of the Environment to put a moratorium in place.

Late last year Mapleton council received a petition signed by more than 250 people who are concerned about possible health issues related to wind turbines. In addition council met with a delegation voicing concerns about wind energy projects southwest of the Village of Arthur.

Asphodel-Norwood Reeve Doug Pearcy observed that the number of wind turbine projects throughout Ontario is growing. And he urged council to support Mapleton’s resolution.

“My feeling is that we need to support this, until somebody comes forward and tells us that it is safe,” he commented.

Deputy Reeve Terry Low pointed out the Ontario government is forging ahead with its support of wind turbine initiatives.

“They are moving ahead, I understand, and it’s just started rolling over municipalities,” he said, referring to growing concerns that the province’s Green Energy Act is excluding municipalities from the planning and decision-making process related to the location and setback of wind turbines.

He agreed with Pearcy that council should support efforts to place a moratorium on wind energy projects.

 “If not from a health and safety perspective, then from a practical point of view of planning our communities,” he said. “If somebody else is going to come in a plan our communities, then what are we doing sitting here. That’s why we should support this.”

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  1. My suggestion to any Council who feels there should be a Moratorium on Wind Turbines should state that in their own By Laws before asking the Province to call a Moratorium. Of course the Province won’t so asking them to do so is redundant!

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