Inside the Brain of OSEA’s Kris Stevens

Kristopher Stevens is the Executive Director of the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association.

Last night’s episode of The Agenda with Steve Paiken gave us all a disturbing and frightening look at the motives and thinking of alarmists like Kristopher Stevens.  Along with flights of fancy into how wind turbines will turn Ontario into the next Silicon Valley, he made a statement that really shows the level of desperation and lack of ethics he will use to make his point.

Mr. Stevens stated that soon doctors in Ontario may be out of work due to their patients dropping dead at such an alarming rate from pollution from coal plants.  While not diminishing the obvious negative effects of air pollution, let’s get back to reality, shall we? 

If OSEA is so concerned about this, why are they insisting Ontario NOT  put scrubbers on the existing coal plants which would virtually eliminate most of the harmful emissions?   Why?   Because this is NOT about you or your family’s health…this is about politics, money and mind-numbing propoganda.

An email I received today:

The wind proponents in this area, politicians and civil servants, quote 668 deaths, 103 premature deaths 1,100 emergency room visits resulting from the Co2 emissions of coal generation.  The quotes often include the words “this is real suffering” particularly when they are attacking what they claim is anecdotal evidence of the victims in Ontario.  The figures are usually attributed to the Ontario Medical Association.
I couldn’t find these figures in anything from the OMA, but  Thomas Hughes Consulting (Corunna) Ltd. in a report “A Review: Ontario’s Cost Benefit Analysis Replacing Ontario’s Coal-Fired Electricity Generation” revealed the source to be on page 5 of the Cost Benefit Analysis executive summary prepared for Ontario Ministry of Energy in 2005.  Thomas Hughes consulting prepared it’s review for the Clean Affordable Energy Alliance. These numbers are not actual deaths but statistical numbers derived from “computer models”.
Quoting from the Energy report executive  summary page 6  “In actual fact, it is impossible to identify which specific deaths that occur over a given period of time are actually attributable to air pollution. Air pollution is a contributary factor in a multitude of  deaths and is almost never the overriding or irrefutable single cost of death”.
In the full DSS Cost Benefit analysis a breakdown of pollutants is provided taken from a  MOE report,  Ontario’s Clean Air Action Plan: “Protecting Environmental and Human Health in Ontario”.  The Chart on page 19 titled “Contribution of Electricity Generation to Air Quality” includes all forms of Electricity.           


  • NOx emissions 15%, 
  • SO2 emissions 25%, 
  • VOC emissions .5%
  • PM  emisions 6%

The major polluters are Transportation, Industry, and Misc., whatever that is.
According to Mr.Hughes, the DSS report was an after-the-fact report as the Liberals had already made a commitment to closing the coal fired generation stations.  Given the announcement to build 80 some gas fired generators to go hand in glove with wind and with the gas contribution to particulates into the air, it is very troubling.

OSEA is very heavily funded by the Ontario government.   They have received millions in grants and gifts of your tax dollars over the past few years.  I called the OSEA office to ask for a copy of their Annual Report to see exactly WHERE all this money is going.   They refused.  No member of the public is allowed to see what this money is being used for.  

Perhaps their Executive Director should use some of these million$ to go back to school and get some basic science and ethics courses under his belt.

4 thoughts on “Inside the Brain of OSEA’s Kris Stevens

  1. This is a an “employee” for George Smitherman’s agenda while in office and was “propped up” to be a spokesperson for the Liberal “Green Dream”

    No amount of “ethics” or “common sense” has a place in these discussions. The rhetoric used by Stevens and others has been “cobbled together” in offices of CANWEA and GEAA and Wind proponents’ “think tanks” all over the world to be “regurgitated” ad nauseum.

    Listen to a “Suzuki Foundation dissertation” and similar bizarre and “out of the blue” claims make up most of the rhetoric.

    “Cherry Picked” facts and figures that have absolutely no basis in the real world continue to make this whole Green Agenda a very “frightening and bizarre” state of things to come!

  2. Inside the brain of [pick any current Liberal in government] you’ll find an empty shell.

    Brainless idiots!

  3. As has already been pointed out elswhere — see the Wildlife section’s “Location Location Location…Migration Migration Migration” — closing all the coal plants in the province and taking all the vehicles off the road amounts to a trifling decrease in total smog. The stuff moves around in the atmsophere and Ontario gets most of its load from the U.S.:
    Recent studies have determined that ozone from Asia is now hitting the U.S. west coast. Do any of these “Chicken Little” B.S. shovelers in the OSEA or Liberal government know ANYTHING at all about the topic of ozone and smog?
    Apparently not!

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