Arran-Elderslie Council joins West Grey in turbine fight

By MARY GOLEM, for the Hanover Post

Arran-Elderslie is joining West Grey in its fight to have the Province of Ontario place an indefinite moratorium on the construction of industrial wind turbines in their, and other, Ontario municipalities.

Last fall, Elderslie ward councillor Mark Davis suggested placing a moratorium on turbine construction in Arran-Elderslie only to become frustrated with both municipal staff and county planners telling him such a moratorium wasn’t the right approach to the problem.

“I’m tired of hearing what we can’t do,” Davis said at the time. “These things are going to ruin rural Ontario forever and we’re going to let some bureaucratic paperwork stop us from fighting them?”

So Arran-Elderslie invited its neighbouring municipalities to a meeting in December to discuss the issue and from that meeting an action plan was developed with each of the participating municipalities -West Grey, Township of Chatsworth, Brockton, Arran-Elderslie and Georgian Bluffs -agreeing to gather more information and to meet again.

That meeting, set as a public meeting, will be held Thurs., Feb. 4 at 7 pm at the Durham Community Centre.

Meanwhile, at its Jan. 25 council meeting, Arran-Elderslie did agree to support West Grey’s call for a moratorium on industrial wind turbines “in order for the province to commission a third-party study regarding the health, safety and well-being of persons, and the protection of persons and property . . . and that the moratorium remain in place until the Council of the Municipality of West Grey is satisfied” that those issues have been properly addressed.

6 thoughts on “Arran-Elderslie Council joins West Grey in turbine fight

  1. What is happening with Clearview council ? Got their head buried in the sand I suppose! WHIMPS!

  2. A Call To Arms!!!

    Ok, not literally, we are Canadian…
    But judging from the number of people and groups that strongly oppose wind energy, we need to rally the troops and have a massive show of support (against wind energy) in Ottawa.

    There is so much info proving that wind energy is not worth the cost. I can’t believe our elected officials are shoving it down our throats, at our expense.

    When our leaders do things that obviously are not in the best interest of the people that elected them, we really need a way to…. charge them criminally, after booting their asses to the curb!

    Book me a seat to Ottawa!

  3. John, I hope you can make it to the Queen’s Park demonstration next week.

  4. Tell me more MA. It’s short notice, but a date and time would be helpful. Where is this info posted?

    Is it to be a large gathering that they can’t ignore, or a handful of (seemingly) complainers that will be hardly noticed? No sense using a stick to poke them, when they only understand a club with a spike through it.

    • Click on the Home tab at the top of the page. All information is there.

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