Government should review health concerns related to wind turbines

Kingston Whig Standard

Congratulations on the Whig’s story on the health concerns around industrial wind turbines (“Noise annoys,” Jan. 16). As a resident of Prince Edward County and a “lifer” in rural Ontario, I find the prospect of the devastation of rural Ontario by the wind industry and Liberal provincial government quite frightening on a number of fronts.

 First of all, around the world, wherever there are industrial wind farm installations close to human habitation, the same sort of health complaints are independently reported. The complainants don’t have the money to do scientific studies, and the wind industry certainly can’t be viewed as an unbiased honest researcher. We are dependent on our government to fund appropriate research.

 Meanwhile in Ontario, through the provincial government’s Green Energy Act, the power has been taken away from municipalities and their citizens to oppose wind farm installations in their communities.

 The act has decreed setbacks to habitation that are unproven in their ability to protect health. And the Ontario government is taking no steps to safeguard by stopping further turbine development until all the health questions are answered. Some municipalities have been courageous enough to strongly oppose this terrible disregard for our freedoms and our reasonable expectation that government should safeguard its citizens. (Sadly, Prince Edward County’s municipal government has not shown this kind of courage as yet.)

The really unfortunate thing is that wind energy does not appear to be the answer to reducing CO2 emissions in Ontario. So our Ontario countryside will be inexorably and permanently devastated, our health may be affected, our rural economy will be adversely affected, and no appreciable positive impact will be made on our environment. (In fact, if you consider all the CO2 emissions needed to mine, develop materials for, and transport wind turbines, build gas or extend nuclear plants for backup, and run power lines to get wind energy to the grid, it may be the worst sham any industry or government has ever foisted on us.)

More factual information on health issues related to wind farms can be found at Our working group in Prince Edward County has lots of interesting information gathered from around the world on its website We are the County Coalition for Safe and Appropriate Green Energy.

Norah Connell, Picton