Greenbacks Send Alien Forces to Destroy Canadian City

….Part way there, I stopped dead in my path, taken aback by what I saw. There were lots of them and they were huge and industrial looking. I blinked and rubbed my eyes, not believing what they were telling me. I think I even shook my head in disbelief. There on the horizon, dominating it, standing like a bunch of aliens out of War of the Worlds were dozens of wind turbines.

They were erected on Wolfe Island, a formerly bucolic little member of the Thousand Islands chain, an archipelago of 1793 islands that extend for 50 miles from Kingston in Lake Ontario down the Saint Lawrence River. Wolfe Island is accessible by ferry and was a place I went to bird watch, especially in winter, when it was a haven for Snowy Owls. It is also the home of the Wolfe Island Bakery, a haven for delicious pastries and breads. People used to jump on the ferry just to visit the bakery and to take in the scenery along the island’s dirt roads.

Looking at the scene before me, I found it hard to believe that the Snowy Owls were still there and, if they are, that they aren’t being killed off slowly, brutally by these monstrous towers with spinning tops. I found it even harder to believe that the City of Kingston and its citizens had not put a stop to such a plan to mar their beautiful waterfront. Kingston is, afterall, a major tourist destination and people flock there in summer to sail, kayak, windsurf and to enjoy the spectacular scenery.

“Something has gone terribly wrong,” I thought to myself.

~  Excerpt from an interesting article by an expatriate Canadian, Dawn Pier,  who recently visted Kingston: Dawn Revealed 

Dawn received her university degrees are from Queen’s University  –  BScH in Biology and a Masters in Environmental Biology.   She worked as a research associate for an organization called the “Environmental Sciences Group” for 10 years – they are currently operating out of the Royal Military College in Kingston.   She moved to Mexico in 2002 to help found a community-based NGO with the mandate to conserve the natural resources in and around Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park.  She has published several scientific articles.

2 thoughts on “Greenbacks Send Alien Forces to Destroy Canadian City

  1. One of the main players in this destruction is Gerretson our Minister of Environment who sits in his chair in Kingston and “admires” the view he has of Wolfe Island with all his wind turbines blowing in the wind.

    To say he thinks they are wonderful..and he does…takes a very “perverse” and somewhat “mad” state of mind to even consider these monsters as “beautiful” or “good” or whatever positive adjectives are being used to describe them.

    There is only one way to describe this blight on Nature and Humanity and that is: “CRIMINAL!”

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