Two sides clash at public meeting in Norwich

By Hugo Rodrigues, Woodstock Sentinal Review

A verbal battleground greeted those who entered the Norwich Community Centre’s Optimist Room Monday, as ProWind Canada’s Gunn’s Hill Wind Farm Inc. presented its latest plans to the public.

As you entered the door, opponents of wind-farm developments greeted you and offered literature showing their concerns that no independent epidemiological studies on the health impacts of wind turbines have been conducted. They were supported by residents from the Clear Creek area who already live adjacent to an existing wind farm.   Read entire article here.

1 thought on “Two sides clash at public meeting in Norwich

  1. This was just another bs meeting from a wind company who are after the mighty dollar if you look at their employee record none of them have the quailifications or very little experience in this field. How can they stand up honestly in front of people and tell us that they are experts since they do NOT have one single turbine built in Canada? This type of situation must be stopped immediately and independent studies done before something serious happens.

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