Rx Wind Turbine Syndrome Media Release

To donate, mail cheques to: Rx WTS Fund, R.R. #5, 1245 Gore Rd, Harrow, Ontario, N0R 1G0

February 10, 2010 – The private foundation RxWTS Ontario wishes to announce that it has now been able to help four households with respite accommodations. Three Ontario residents and one Nova Scotia family (a total of nine people) have found short term alleviation of their symptoms associated with Industrial Wind turbines near their homes.

The need for this fund has became shamefully apparent in Ontario as the McGuinty government has turned a blind eye to these people and are refusing to acknowledge this growing and serious problem. In this government’s irresponsible mad rush towards so-called “green” solutions such as Industrial Wind Energy, rural families are becoming collateral damage because of the lack of studies and proper regulation.

The rationale behind this fund is to assist impacted residents living within industrial wind projects who cannot escape the effects of Industrial Wind Turbines. It is reassuring to know we have now assisted nine victims who are otherwise unable to find affordable respite, by helping them to get out of their toxic environment, at least temporarily. We continue to urge you to help with donations with this humanitarian initiative.

Government ministries continue to debate how to assess or determine that people are truly suffering and instead redirect much needed funds towards a Research chair @ $300,000 per year. In the meantime residents continue with symptoms of vomiting, migraines, joint pain and continual non-restorative sleep.

Please visit http://windturbinesyndrome.com

Funding continues on a person by person and issue by issue basis. This is not a loan: it’s free to individuals in need who contacts the administrator.

For those who wish to contribute, payments can be made to “Wind Turbine Syndrome RX” and mailed to the address below.

Many thanks for your generosity.

Colette McLean, Administrator
R.R. #5, 1245 Gore Rd, Harrow, Ontario N0R 1G0

3 thoughts on “Rx Wind Turbine Syndrome Media Release

  1. Also BRAVO to Colette who is now about to endure the same fate as the poor souls who are being helped with having a peaceful respite from these monsters!

    In this day and age of so-called “enlightenment” McGuinty and Gang have taken this Province back to a very dark age with not much hope for a bright future………..I imagine he and his cohorts are the only ones that can’t or won’t see what they have done!…………
    Shame is a word not strong enough for these “Destroyers of People’s Lives!”

  2. “I imagine he and his cohorts are the only ones that can’t or won’t see what they have done!…………”

    I beg to differ…they darn well know what they’re doing…imo.

    McCrumby will just get booted out and wind up with a seat on the Samsung board or something… you know, being a con artist…oops, I mean adviser for the industry (with all the political connections to boot) or something…See, this is what happens when anyone significant is “booted” out of government. They never really leave politics.

    Look at Tony Blair, I think he’s now advising for some hedge fund who’s recently made millions shorting the Sterling after that last fiasco.

  3. “recently made millions shorting the Sterling after that last fiasco.”

    Shorting the banks I mean…i.e Northern Rock.

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