Ontarians Implement Noise Measurements at Wind Farms


The wait for the Ministry of the Environment (MOE) to implement standards and monitoring systems for the noise from wind turbine systems is finally over for those suffering from “Wind Turbine Syndrome” (WTS).

Unlike the Drive Clean® program that holds car owners responsible to a known standard for their vehicle pollution, environment minister John Gerretsen has acknowledged that NO such program is in place to monitor, to a published standard, the broadband noise pollution from wind turbines.

Citizens have been forced to take over the role of the MOE in starting 24 hour monitoring of wind farms in Ontario to measure broadband noise levels, confirm the presence of extra low frequency noise and make the results available to the public and to doctors implementing health studies. 

windfacts, (http://windfacts.ca) a citizens’ group concerned over the absence of standards and lack of monitoring of wind farms once they are approved, has implemented a broadband noise monitoring program that will fill the void created by the Ontario government’s lack of concern for the health of Ontarians impacted by the noise of wind turbines.

An increasing number of Ontarians are reporting health problems related to the broadband noise that they hear and feel from wind turbines located near their homes. This program places noise measuring instruments conforming to the same international standards as those used by the MOE, at the residences of those affected by WTS, to develop the records that are needed as an objective component of epidemiologic studies.

In the absence of any standards or requirement under the Green Energy Act for ongoing testing or monitoring of wind farms, windfacts has also developed protocols based upon international standards for the measurement of noise levels that will allow MEASURED noise from wind farms to be compared with the CALCULATED parameters used by the Professional Engineers at the MOE for their approvals.

The results from this monitoring program and the protocols used for the measurements will be provided to Minister Gerretsen and the MOE. It is expected that these REAL results will be applied to any new standards and protocols that the MOE is expected to introduce in an attempt to validate to Ontarians the highly flawed process and “flexi-standards” based on the calculated and unwarrantable specifications currently used for their “rubber stamped” approval of wind generation facilities.


 For further information:
http://windfacts.ca or press@windfacts.ca or Peter Lomath (705)466-3867

windfacts.ca is a community funded organization dedicated to making the validated FACTS  about the flaws in the Green Energy Act known to Ontarians.

4 thoughts on “Ontarians Implement Noise Measurements at Wind Farms

  1. I hope we find out who is in favour and who is not in favour of the Green Energy Act (and all the crap that comes with it).. in the next election..

    I know who I am not voting for..

    In my last correspondence with Dombrowsky_Leona-MPP-CO I was told in no uncertain terms… “I am in full support of the Green Energy Act and the Renewable Energy Approval regulations.”

  2. Again, MPP’s stating that their agenda comes before citizens health.

  3. “Patience” is a virtue that most Ontarians possess and is one of our “finer” attributes.

    We put up with the “bungling’s” and “mistakes” of our Political Leaders waiting for a “sign” that they may regret the damage they have done and expect some “reversal” of their actions in order to make up for their poor decisions!

    In the case of the Green Energy Act we expected the Provincial Government to listen to the Public input through the Standing Committee Hearings that were carried out prior to the enactment of this Bill.

    They didn’t, and in fact called us “Nimby’s” and basically told US to “shut up!”

    So here we are some 8 months later realizing that we have lost our only “Democratic” process in Planning our own Townships future and witnessing the destruction of homes and lives in Rural Ontario all with the blessings of our so-called “leaders!”

    NOW we take matters into our own hands and just a warning to the Liberals and Wind Company’s that have forced this Wind Agenda on us!: “We are coming at you!”

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