Identical Symptoms, Protests in Australia

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It’s the biggest wind farm operating in Victoria and it’s putting the tiny town of Waubra on the map in ways the locals never predicted. It’s been dubbed the ‘Waubra Disease’, the health effects of living surrounded by wind turbines and it’s now becoming known around the world. As the State Government approves more wind farms, there are growing demands for serious investigation and for standards to be reviewed.

3 thoughts on “Identical Symptoms, Protests in Australia

  1. Ya gotta love those wind weasel spin doctors (they remind me of the Big Tobacco spin doctors of the 1960s): “There is no medical evidence of infrasound causing illness.” What do you call thousands of victims worldwide who are suffering and leaving their cherished homes? Chopped liver?

    Read Dr Nina Pierpont’s Wind Turbine Syndrome and stand up and fight.


  2. Significant problems with industrial wind turbines, worldwide, continue to be hidden with gag orders so industry reps can continue to lie. Industrial wind developments are being pushed through with no regard or respect for other people or the environment. There is no respect from the beginning with open pit mining poisoning livestock and farmer’s fields to get the rare earth (used in wind turbine generators) to the toxic making of large non-recyclable fibreglass blades, to the construction (concrete, roads transmission lines), operation (using large quantities of oil and electricity) and finally to the abandonment of turbines. This industry is only moving forward because of the scheme of “green” which starts with getting legislation in place to provide long term guaranteed access to subsidies and high cash returns for the poor quality power produced. These agreements will be difficult if not impossible to get out of when leadership changes or when it is determined the thousand of structures will never do what was promised. Only a few ignorant or greedy political leaders are targeted to start the process. Most of us start out wanting to believe wind can deliver. It takes a bit of effort to figure out wind will never deliver no matter how big or how many industrial wind turbines are built. If we don’t stop paying out for what will become excessively expensive mammoth lawn ornaments, industrial wind structures will continue to be built regardless of the impacts. A political leader has to be ignorant or is getting kick backs in one form or another to consider giving billions of our tax dollars to industrial wind companies. It has nothing to do with providing any long term reliable power supply or reviving our economy. It is so far from being environmentally green.

  3. McGuinty, Duguid, Gerretson, Hornung……..these are just four names at the forefront of this huge Wind Scam!

    These four people must answer for their actions to the people of Ontario preferably now than later when they flee their posts with pocket fulls of taxpayers money!

    Their days are numbered with the overwhelming evidence that Wind Turbines are harmful to people’s health and should be outlawed in the same way DDT was outlawed, Asbestos was outlawed, and most important of all the Law against Lying to the Public!

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