Two Tier Environmentalism – How the Ontario Ministry of Environment has failed us

You’ve heard of a two tier health system?   The level of care depends on how much you can pay?   Well, Ontarians now live under two tier environmental system.    Different rules apply depending on who you are, how you are connected and how much money you have. 

The Green Energy Act has entrenched this even further, giving unprecedented power, exhorbitant tax give-aways and exemption of responsibility to “green energy” companies.  

Abuse of this special status leads to corruption.   It strips away citizen rights while companies are held unaccountable.

Thanks to Ontario Waterkeeper    “Living At the Barricades”   Listen Here

4 thoughts on “Two Tier Environmentalism – How the Ontario Ministry of Environment has failed us

  1. There is no “politically correct” way to say this: “We are now living in a “Dictatorship!”

    What are we going to do about it?

  2. It’s actually a form of two tier citizenship:

    The Haves (Liberals and their cash-grabbing cronies) and the Have-Nots (the rest of us).

  3. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: Let’s sue these bastards! Some legal information for those interested, John O’Sullivan is a legal advocate and writer who for several years has litigated in government corruption and conspiracy cases in both the US and Britain. He is not funded by any third party.

  4. Quixote….. sometimes things have to get ugly before they can get better.

    It is a dictatorship and our Grandfathers were willing to go to war to protect our freedom.

    I am not suggesting war, however posting on our own web-site is not going to get through to the force of dictatorship that is leading Ontario into the most destructive endeavor that has ever happened in this Country.

    I hope that as we grow exponentially we will become a huge lobby group and when Dalton is voted out or fired, the new Premier will have to clean up the mess, compensate the injured parties and we can turn the page on these dark days in Ontario.

    If not I am going to defect and take my assets with me! I do not want to live in a country when you can’t trust your government!

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