McGuinty Gets Rid of Two Government Watchdogs

“It does smell a little fishy,” Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak said Tuesday.

Andre Marin, Ontario Ombudsman

CTV News  The McGuinty Liberals are being accused of showing the door to a couple of government watchdogs who’ve put pressure on the government over the last five years.

The man who exposed scandal at Ontario Lottery and Gaming and pulled the curtain back on waste and mismanagement at the Municipal Property Assessment Corportation willl not have his term renewed.

Andre Marin’s five-year term as Ombudsman is coming to an end and the government is looking for a new one. Gord Miller, the environmental commissioner, is also going to be replaced.

The opposition says it’s a clear signal the government is running scared from both men, who have repeatedly nailed the government for waste and mismanagement at some of the most high-profile government agencies and ministries. 

The government insists it’s not a deliberate ploy and that the positions have traditionally been five-year terms.

Marin’s investigative techniques as ombudsman have become world-renowned and have been taught in other countries.

9 thoughts on “McGuinty Gets Rid of Two Government Watchdogs

  1. We sure need Mr. Andre Marin to get on board with us to expose the scandalous misrepresentation of wind power in Ontario. Could be he would like a chance to tell it like it is!!! Let’s write him a letter

  2. Several reports of mismanagement and “questionable spending” were to be released in about a month or two and could be another damaging scene for McGuinty and Gang!

    When we watch the “Sopranos” on TV and they get caught with their “fingers in the cookie jar” they usually have their opposition “whacked”!

    In politics, specially Ontario Politics, it seems that just having the opposition “removed” will save the day!

    McGuinty’s little weird world of huge foreign subsidized industry “invites” and the “greening” of our energy supply along with the huge taxation agenda being introduced in July, mismanagement of E Health, OLG and other agencies like Cancer Care Ontario is all unraveling like a knitted sweater caught on a nail!

    If one looks very closely at his eyes during TV interviews one can almost see pure “PANIC” setting in!

  3. Quixote, those eyes don’t spell “panic”, they’re the eyes of a rapist. McGuinty is raping all of Ontario…that includes its people, land and water. Like any psychopath, he feels absolutely no remorse!

  4. The theory of the legal doctrine known as ‘spoliation’ is that when a party withholds, manipulates or destroys evidence, it may be reasonable to infer that the party had “consciousness of guilt” or other motivation to avoid the evidence.

    Should you Mr. McGuinty continue to withold and avoid the scientific evidence of the destructive forces behind wind turbines in this province, you will be sued along with all your other co-conspirators!

    McGuinty and party….you had better lawyer up and soon too!

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  6. We need more people like this and more media that reports all sides of the arguments.

  7. “It does smell a little fishy,” Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak said Tuesday

    What a craven, gutless, puny rebuttal to McGuinty’s threat to drop Andre Marin and Gordon Miller from their positions of Ombudsman and Environmental Commissioner respectively.

    This forbodes Hudak’s approach to these supposedly arm’s length watchers over the public’s safety.

    With the New Year and the politic heat increasing as election day approaches, voters need to be very wary of giving lily livered, yellow bellied politicians any more power than they can handle in representing the interests of their constituents.

    NO FALSE MAJORITY for any party!

  8. Dalton McGuinty is sneaky like a cat and he looks like a cat in his kitty litter staring into space and doesn’t realizw he’s stinking up the place Kat E

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