The Reason for the In$anity Here and Abroad

Eleven Wind Projects Proposed around Mont St. Michel Castle in Normandy

Le Mont Saint Michel en passe d’être sauvé de la spéculation éolienne
Translation:   “The ongoing invasion by these industrial machines depends on the fact that this subsidized program greatly fuels the appetite of financial investors for their artificially bloated profits. Frenetic speculation incites developers to endless creation of new facilities, even in landmarks such as the chateaus of the Loire and regional nature parks. These wind energy factories are then resold in complex financial structures to avoid taxes on capital gains. The Fédération Environnement Durable is a national organization for more than 600 associations and groups fighting against industrial wind.”

1 thought on “The Reason for the In$anity Here and Abroad

  1. “Greed Merchants” have infiltrated our Government and this is the result of a very very bad corporate swindle gone bad.

    We will look back on this period of time when “very corrupt and greedy people” got hold of the “reins of power” and had their way with us and our lands!

    In order to make all this happen the local and National Media has to be “bought off” and that has taken place. Show me one news outlet that actually “reports the truth” and I’ll show you a media outlet who’s “days are numbered”.

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