McGuinty Liberals ignoring the people and environmental destruction

Migration of the Monarchs

Turbines OK’d despite 6,000 signature petition
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Hasn’t mankind done enough damage to our planet already?  Approximately four years ago, the Ontario government put a moratorium on placing wind turbines in the Great Lakes.

It made perfect sense to protect, at all costs, one-fifth of the world’s fresh water supply, the fishery, wildlife, Point Pelee, monarch butterfly migration routes, etc.

Then, they lifted the moratorium and the Liberal government’s new minister of Natural Resources reversed her position in lockstep with the party line to explore all avenues of renewable energy.

Forget her oath to protect the environment.  South Point Wind of Leamington tries to underplay the number of turbines they have requested as only “15” but forget to add the “for now.”

Our great leaders, in their infinite wisdom, are allowing South Point to do their own environmental assessments and hold meetings on the subject. Has anyone ever heard the term conflict of interest?

Whoever South Point hires to complete the environmental assessment will be paid by South Point.

The bottom line is, it has to be cheaper to build these things on land and that is where they belong.

Over 6,000 petition signatures were ignored by the government and South Point Wind. Perhaps changing of the guard and a boycott of Liovas family-owned companies is now in order.

L. H. Bezaire, Kingsville

15 thoughts on “McGuinty Liberals ignoring the people and environmental destruction

  1. A subdivision powered by wind turbines, but lets make sure the turbines are smack in the middle of it, not out in the country or in the lake. Would you invest in a $300000 house in a subdivision like that, considering you could be in the percentage with ill side effects?
    This province hopes that the 60000 signatures are from people who don’t count. I was told by an MPP that the people who have health issues don’t exist because their problems are not recognized. This government is deliberately choosing to turn a blind eye. Human and animal welfare is simply collateral damage for McGuinty’s agenda.

  2. Our Liberal MPP, Bruce Crozier is about as useless as a screen door on a submarine. Pathetic brown-noser.

  3. The public should be aware that the meeting is on March 27th. Only one day for all 6 jurisdictions affected by this development. Liovas has intentions of providing all of their information in only 1 hour per jurisdiction for this size of project. This kind of dismissive tactic is nothing short of arrogant and it’s pretty obvious they have no intention of dealing with the public’s concerns.

  4. Wind Turbines are not to be built ANYWHERE!………after all the research and documentation on these “money sucking investment tools” showing they do NOTHING why would we want them anywhere at all?………..
    If anyone at this point in time “expects” their MPP or Supreme Leader McGuinty to give a damn about the people I’m sorry to say your “dreaming”.

    Expect the worse from this Government and I guarantee you haven’t even come close to how bad this is going to get!

  5. The public should be aware that the meeting is on March 27th. This is nothing more than a charade as no public input is allowed anyway. Our local politicians must get together and DO something for a change. Get some kahunas!

  6. So if the wind industry does all the third party health, environmental and economic studies and let’s say after 5 years they pass with flying colours, will you then support wind turbines??

  7. An electrical generation system this disruptive and destructive won’t pass any test with “flying colours”.

  8. How many Mr. McGuinty? Are you counting the deaths you cause?

    Thankfully someone was there to rescue this maimed bird however once those turbines go into the Great Lakes, the birds will simply drown after being beaten down to the water by their initial blade strike.

    Doesn’t this just give you all a warm-fuzzy feeling about McGuinty taking care of our evil ways?

    McGuinty and his cronies are nothing but rapists and murderers who are destroying the natural beauty of this province!

  9. Mandy –

    What third party health, environmental and economic studies??? There is no such thing, there never has been. There is not a single environmental assessment on any wind project to date in Ontario. There won’t be one on these either. Have you ever read a proponent “review? Nothing but a sales pitch…no “science” whatsoever.

  10. AAW: The birds — or pieces of them — that end up on the water will disappear within minutes due to on-the-scene scavengers like gulls.

    Dead birds? Ain’t no dead birds ’round here!

    The same phenomenon happens at the base of onshore turbines.

  11. Do you have proof of these things happening? If so I would like to know about it and show these politcians and wind companies.
    Proof like that would force them into doing some real independent studies which leads me to the next question.
    What is a true independent study and who is going to pay for it. If the gov’t pays for it, it’s not really independent and if the opponents pay for it, it’s not credible either. After all is said and done, the one will just accuse the other of skewing the study.

  12. Proof of what happening? Do you want me to finance my own independent study for each project?

    Is there birds like bald eagles being found near wind turbines dead in Ontario. Yes, we’ve told the government that. Has the Alberta study on bats shown proof positive that thousands have died due their lungs exploding. Yes.

    How about an ounce of integrity from our government? How about qualified professionals who are not now largely dependent on the wind industry for their living?

    Wildlife studies, just like health studies, should not have to “prove” with cold, dead bodies. It’s too late by then.



    TO the farmers that signed contracts with the wind industry knowing that you would hurt your neighbours, by devaluing their homes, We have one message for you:


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