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Wind power is being foisted on the unsuspecting Ontario consumer by one of the worst premiers we have ever had. Having squandered hundreds of millions on bailouts for the sinking auto sector, he is now prepared to throw our money at an expensive “alternative” source of unreliable power.

Governments are terrible at picking winners in business and this premier is a classic case, calling every black hole he throws money into an investment.

This is not something the Citizen should be cheering. It is just another example of how the McGuinty government has taken Ontario from a have to a have-not province. The Liberal mantra seems to be: short-term gain for long-term pain. Ontario will be even less competitive once the added drag from wind turbines is felt.

Peter Foulger, Ottawa

8 thoughts on “Expensive alternative

  1. Like a bull in a china shop this Premier has his head down and going straight ahead into a brick wall regardless of what’s in the way. As he destroys every single thing this Province has stood for for decades he will not listen or even reply to anyone who “opposes” this head on catastrophe in the making!

    Blind ignorance to what’s happening around him will be his eventual downfall but not before the damage is done.

    Ontario is bordering on total disintegration!

  2. I don’t think Mr. McGuinty realizes how much of a revolt is brewing in Rural Ontario and the U.S. side of the Great Lakes. It will be a very interesting and intense summer. Fasten your seat belts folks!

    Now that the facts are coming out of Europe, many people will rise up to stop this insanity. If I am forced to move from our beloved farm because of wind turbines… I will move alright .. to another Country! One that respects DEMOCRACY!

  3. I think McGuinty is fully aware of just how widespread and deep this anger runs. He’s not a man to admit he was wrong and he knows Torontonians will still vote for him. Rural people simply don’t matter.

    To ignore people like Stephana Johnson, a senior citizen who must abandon her home, is simply sociopathic. Very disturbing.

  4. And when those electricity bills go up, power-hungry industries will be packing their bags and going to Mexico or China or India or even the U.S.

    How many thousands of jobs will we lose in return for the piddly jobs created in the wind energy sector? In Spain, it was a 2 for 1 loss. In Ontario, it may be more.

  5. The electrifying Torontonians cannot be too happy about higher electricity prices. What is happening to rural people is going to be delivered at a cost to not only homes in Toronto but to their transit system, street lights, office towers, businesses…. The cost of living in the city will have to go up. This government is out to destroy not only rural life but our municipal communities, including Toronto, with the advancement of their industrial wind scheme.

  6. We need Mrs. Stephana Johnson to go public. The News Stations would let her plight be known. Please contact A channel news agencies. These are the kind of stories that the public and the Ontario Government need to hear. Do you think she would agree to go public? It would really educate people. It would pressure the Government.

  7. She already has, Melodie. The McGuinty government and the media have been well informed. What a world we live in when they can justify ignoring this.

  8. Living across from Turbines trying to sell my farm and no buyers. Where do you go from here?

    Ontario is doomed by this IDIOT premier. I feel I am living in a jail free to go to work but come home to torture,and can’t get the hell out. Tired and deprived of sleep. My parents immigrated here before I was born to seek a better life from Hilterism and Communism to freedom,well what do we have now? A Dictator premier.

    If I could have whispered into my parents ear before they got on the boat,I would say go on the boat to New Zealand they at least are stopping this madness. I will not buy another farm in ONT…..

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