“They’re Not Green” Episodes 10 Now Released

Video Series Produced by Nettie Peña  

4 thoughts on ““They’re Not Green” Episodes 10 Now Released

  1. Thanks for the update and credit. Episode 8 will be out the first week of January.
    Happy New Year!
    Nettie Peña

  2. Hi,
    You need to upload Episode 7. The story will make more sense when you get Episode 8 next week.

    Nettie Peña

  3. Some of the images on your film do not leave me.. thank you for this film..

  4. This film is dedicated to all the people who live in rural areas with Wind Turbines in their backyards.
    In Episode 8, a wind turbine worker died when the wind tower collapsed in Wasco, Oregon. He was in the Nacelle at the time. Be sure to watch this episode.

    Nettie Peña

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