Green Energy Act Does Nothing to Protect Vulnerable Areas

The Green Energy Act regulations offer little to no protection for our sensitive eco-systems. In fact, previously protected areas are now wide open to industrialization by wind developers. McGuinty has stripped away the power of municipalities and citizens to protect these areas. He has given full rights to the wind developers to do as they please.

4 thoughts on “Green Energy Act Does Nothing to Protect Vulnerable Areas

  1. Heir McGuinty has to be ousted! NOW ! If he thinks that the people of Ontario are going to take this lying down he does not know the history of the Canadian people. Rise up Ontario, your province is in it’s darkest hour. If you do nothing to stop this travesty what will you tell your grandchildren? We have a duty to protect our children, our wildlife, from those that would abuse power and exploit our beloved province. Godspeed!

  2. Quiote, Thousands of registered hand written letters must land on McGuinty’s desk. Clearly marked personal & confidential. That ensures that the addressee opens them. We must wear them down.
    We must engage the opposition to join our numbers.
    That is how the press will become involved. We are 47 communities strong and growing. We must build on this momentum. Can we count on Ontario to embark on the biggest letter campaign ever? Tim Hudak will join us when he sees that we mean business. This issue must be the catalyst that starts a political revolution. Please join me folks and ask others to do the same. Tell all that you will not be party to this take over of our rural agriculture and recreational lands. Tell them you will not be party to such a proven economical disaster that wreaks such havock on people and wildlife!

  3. It is despairing that most people don’t care when you speak to them about the wind turbines, until it affects them personally. I sadly was one of those people. Educate your friends, your family, your work colleagues, so they can be better prepared to resist when the foreign industrial companies propose a wind turbine project in their neighbourhood.

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