Electricity is Our Future

Lindsay Post

Dalton McGuinty’s government has chosen to ignore empirical evidence that strongly suggest serious health problems do occur with the installation of industrial wind turbines.

Consider, if you will, that gasoline engines will be a memory in the not too distant future. Ethanol is another pie in the sky fuel as it takes fuel to produce it, therefore defeating its very purpose.

So, it would seem that electric cars are definitely going to be a part of the mix folks.

We have seen new technology and amazing discoveries that will make us all wonder why we ever used the internal combustion engine for as long as we did.

There is a company in California that has come up with an electric engine that is just as fast as most cars. Yes, it’s out of reach for most of us right now, but it will not be long before it’s available to us all.

The problem however, will be where are we going to get all this electricity from? It certainly will not come from industrial wind turbines. If Premier Dalton McGuinty thinks it’s a problem in summer now for the grid to cope, he ain’t seen nothing yet! It will not matter that the cheap time for recharging your car might be after midnight because the demand for power is going to rise steadily. Think about it, how many nights has the wind kept you awake? No! Well what’s going to make the turbines spin?

We need a program of nuclear power station building like we have never seen before if we are to meet what’s going to be the largest demand for electricity the planet and Canada has ever seen.

As an ordinary citizen, it bothers me that the powers that be spend our tax dollars on industrial wind turbines without any thought given to the ongoing health, massive property value loss, and a source of power that is going to be the single most expensive utility that the homeowner will ever encounter, it will even cost more than property taxes, in most areas, and that’s really saying something.

The demand that will be needed in this country for manufacturing will far exceed the supply the province can ever hope to produce in peak periods, let alone when air conditioning starts up.

Or perhaps by then, they will use the “smart boxes” to shut our air conditioners off?


4 thoughts on “Electricity is Our Future

  1. Instead of trying to generate MORE power………….where is all the “CONSERVATIONISTS” that used to exist?

    We here in Renfrew County generate huge amounts of Electricity from 5 dam operations and we export over 35% of excess power while 65% is being used by all the homes in this county! Why do we need MORE electrical power when we consume less than we generate?

    Why fix what isn’t broken?………..the answer: to generate more power with expensive and damaging “Green” solutions so that we can sell that power to our neighbour to the South at the highest price we can generate!

    In other words turn Ontario into a massive generator to make $$$$$$$$$…………it has nothing to do with conservation or efficiency or Green….it all has to do with turning Ontario into one massive industrialized generator at the expense of it’s landowners and citizens who have made this Province what it is!

  2. Hear! Hear! Well said Quixote, Thank you! xoxo

    Hopefully, Oh Canada… we WILL stand on guard for thee! The numbers are rising, an awakening of common sense across our Townships, the Counties, the Province. Ontario can still lead the way, in showing humility, admitting we were duped.

    Do you think Dalton is man enough to admit he was taken by the Turbine People and stop this madness? Or does he have too much pride and after sinking so much money into wind he thinks he can’t back down now.

    Maybe he can just say he is sorry and defect to Bora Bora. Heck!, I’ll pay for his one way ticket!

  3. Katie,

    I signed your petition and encourage others to do the same. We are all in this together.

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