Essex Councillors Bizarre Flip-Flop

Hypocritical stance taken by R. Voakes and P. Innis

[Editor’s note: This bizarre reaction from the two Essex Councilors who did everything in their power to get a large land-based project shoved through.  … So it’s OK to site just meters from where children sleep and play….but not in the lake??]

By Gary Rennie, The Windsor Star  

ESSEX, Ont. — The Town of Essex wants the developer of a multibillion-dollar offshore wind turbine project in Lake Erie and Lake St. Clair to come to a special meeting to explain it.

“It scares the living hell out of us,” said Coun. Randy Voakes.

The town also isn’t happy with the lack of notice to area municipalities about the 700-turbine project proposed by SouthPoint Wind about a kilometer to 2.5 kilometres offshore.

Coun. Paul Innes said the description of the project posted by SouthPoint on its website lacks the detailed environmental reports that he expected to see.

Innes wanted SouthPoint representatives to attend a March 8 meeting of council. Council approved a motion to extend the invitation.

SouthPoint has already given notice of public meetings it has scheduled in six affected municipalities on March 27.

However, Innes said because all six meetings are taking place on the same day, Essex has been allotted only an hour for its session at the Harrow arena. Too many questions need to be answered for an hour-long meeting to suffice, he argued.

Meetings are also being held in Chatham-Kent, Lakeshore, Kingsville, Leamington and Amherstburg on March 27 at staggered times.

The meetings start in Lakeshore at 8:30 a.m. on March 27 and end in Amherstburg at 7:30 p.m.

If the March 8 date isn’t convenient for the company another one can be arranged, said Innes. He said he wanted at least one meeting with the company prior to March 27.

Any company serious about building offshore wind turbines is going to have to deal with municipalities on a wide range of issues, including use of roads, harbours and easements for powelines, Innes noted.

SouthPoint is proposing a 1,400-megawatt project that dwarfs anything ever contemplated before in Canada. The company has sought approval under Ontario’s Green Energy Act, which requires at least two public meetings.

The draft description of the project on the company’s website runs to 113 pages, but doesn’t mention any consultants who were retained. A variety of existing studies and data — such as the Canadian Wind Energy Atlas — were referenced.

9 thoughts on “Essex Councillors Bizarre Flip-Flop

  1. Unbelievable! Guess where councillor P.Innes lives? You’ve got it, along Lake Erie. I hope you enjoy the “majestic” view Paul.

  2. The Emperor has no clothes!

    We were ripe for the picking, fear of global warming/climate change and the desperation to solve it, led to vulnerability and an embrace of wind power. Turbines were touted as GREEN. They are anything but.

    We need to adopt a universal symbol, branding, logo etc. for the universal opposition that is making a stand.

    I believe that the famous painting of “The Screamer” with a background of heartless whirling turbines in the background would cause people to look in the mirror.

    Please help make this happen. There is a grass roots global ground swell of awareness and we must capitalize on the momentum and join forces world wide. Perhaps if Canadian coalitions start using the symbol the world will follow.

    Could someone who is an expert please check copyrights for the painting.

    Like McGuinty said ” Ontario will lead the way!”

  3. This “Wind Rush” is worse than the old “Gold Rush” and “Oil Rush” back in the day when all the traditional “Indigenous People’s” were driven off their land to make way for greedy “outlaw” prospectors and industrialists with no appetite for humanity!

    We are the new “Indigenous People’s”!

    This “Rush” however is a “fake” Industry built on “fake” subsidies and “fake” promises of untold wealth created by the very Politicians who we hired to protect us from this type of evil corporate greed!

    Once Politicians committed to this, there is no way to reverse it until the last Wind Turbine is built and online!

    By effectively “rewriting” the very Laws that would not allow these destructive machines to exist in the first place they have started us down the road to probably one of the worse Environmental Disasters we will ever witness in our lifetimes all in the name of “Fake Global Warming!”

  4. I.E.D. Industrial Environmental Disasters

    Industrial Foreign National Insurgents from other countries are invading Canada and planting I.E.D.s all over Ontario. As with other I.E.D.s they are presented as innocent and innocuous. . . . until

  5. Is this the same council that OK’d a wind project less then 1000m from 2 schools, and closer to numerous homes of his constituents? If so, it must be very embarrassing to them to show their real colours- the ones that say they only care for themselves. Hopefully voters wake up and see this selfishness. We need way more politicians with the moral character of ombudsman Andre Marin…I know, I’m dreaming.

  6. No, this is the AIM Powergen (International Power) that C.M. is surrounded by. They allowed 450 m setbacks from homes for this 24 turbine project, surrounded by hundreds of residential homes. This went ahead even after the GEA regs because it already had it’s C of A.

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