1,500 Attend Angry Protest at the Belwood Invergy Meeting

9 thoughts on “1,500 Attend Angry Protest at the Belwood Invergy Meeting

  1. I was there at Queen’s Park on October 28/09. I had the copies made of the Health report by Carmen Krogh ,113 copies , one for each member of the Legislature. We should have been there by the thousands from all over Ontario. We didn’t plan it well enough.. It was horrible to sit and listen to MPP’s say something stupid like “We have a wind turbine right here at the CNE in Toronto” or ” We had farmers come all the way to Ottawa begging us to give em turbines to supplement their income from farming”

    The next rally will include Oakville and the Great Lakes people , those Belwood folks for sure, they are not afraid to make noise! We need all of the Ontario Counties to show up!

  2. All parties opposed to the destruction of our communities, natural heritage and the blatant ripoff of the taxpayers should join together for “A McGuinty March” this spring.

  3. Way to go Belwood. The sign with the Tax $ smoking from wind turbine says a lot. The money is literally being burnt as no benefits over the long term will be realized.

  4. Let me know when, I will gladly be there, sign i hand and voice in tack. Let’s be heard Ontario !!!!!!

  5. They have been sneeking around doing this behind our backs. They say we have no say they will still be put up. Since when did this country become communistic and the people have no say.
    I want to get more signs,where do we get them

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