Armow wind project proceeding

By Troy Patterson

The striction on electrical capacity has delayed Acciona Energy’s 80-megawatt Armow Wind Power Project.

But the company is moving ahead in preparation for when the “Orange Zone” restriction is listed, said Acciona’s Paul Austin.

“I know there is some anxiety with the Green Energy Act,” said Austin, who knows of the perception of companies “steamrolling local councils”. “We have no intention to develop that way.”

The company dissolved its 50/50 partnership in the Ripley Wind Power Project with Suncor Energy late last year and has applied to the Ontario Power Authority as a sole operator under the Feed In Tariff program. Austin said the project could range in size from 40 turbines if a two-megawatt turbine technology was selected, to as many as 54, 1.5 megawatt turbines.

Austin said Acciona isn’t known in Canada as well as its former partner Suncor, but it is the second largest provider of renewable energy in North America. The company manufactures turbines, plans projects, erects them and operates them, rather than subcontracting the different parts of the project, he said.

The company is in the midst of preliminary environmental studies and wind testing, as well as initial talks with aboriginal stakeholders. The company is also a partner with the Kincardine Airport Vicinity Mapping project, “to ensure the location won’t impact the local airport.”

Austin said they hope to organize open houses to engage the public next month. Through “community engagement and field studies” they hope to continue work on the project as they await a contract offer from the Ontario Power Authority, which was expected this year but could be longer. 

“It’s very competitive,” he said. “I’m interested in meeting with the planning committee and council to keep the information flowing.”

The area spans 12,000 acres in Bruce Township and Kincardine Township, including the area west to east from Hwy 21 to Bruce Rd 1 and north to south from Bruce Road 20 to the North Line.

8 thoughts on “Armow wind project proceeding

  1. Don’t forget – the plan is for over 10000 MW of wind in Southern and Eastern Ont.
    That’s at least 5000 turbines!

    No where to hide!

    Except in the cities – oh ya! Move the people off the land and into the cities. Agenda 21

    So, what are we going to do?

    My hope is everyone is tired of writing letters and are now ready to role up their sleeves and get down to the “real” work that lays ahead!

    Or, is everyone going to continue to hang on to the false hope that someone is going to solve our problems for us?

    Hope not!

    There is a solution – Oct. 2010

    If we fail there – I guess we deserve what we get.

  2. You’re assuming atomcat the Conservatives and the NDP will not support the Liberal’s ideological wind turbine plans for the province. Be very aware! I have written to both Hudak and Horwath asking their positions on wind turbines in Ontario and have NEVER received an answer from them. I told them my future vote would depend upon their answer. Why the silence from these political leaders? We should all write in to put pressure on Hudak and Horwath for, without their support on this issue, there will be nobody to vote for.

  3. Atomcat is right. Voting has rarely, if ever, solved anything of this magnitude. Every politician, regardless of party, knows darn well who they work for. It should be obvious now that it’s not us.

    If you want to understand what’s really going on, read the Club of Rome’s “First Global Revolution”. Look into Agenda 21 and Maurice Strong’s Earth Charter.

    These wind farms were never, ever, ever about “Saving the Planet”. The people need to understand this, and understand quickly.

  4. Show your support!

    Secede from Ontario.

    Withhold your rural property taxes.

    Make your values known publicly!

    Our future and the future of our youth depend on you to preserve democracy now!

    We must fight as never before in an unprecedented uprising of the grass roots groundswell of resistance that has made itself know as never before in rural Ontario

    I have written my intention to my MP Mr. Bill Murdoch to announce my intention not to pay my property taxes on my three farms in Clearview Township until my faith and trust in the Ontario government can be restored.

    I have suggested that we need to secede from Ontario to show that we do not take the removal of our Municipal prudence of our elected council

    We are insulted by the Green Energy Act that has been foisted on Ontario by the Ontario government and our Premier Mr Dalton McGuinty.

    I have dared to bet my farm(s) on the courage of the rural community to make a strong stand and follow the initiative with their hearts.

    Rural Ontario and the coalition of 43 Counties , I ask you, will you help.?

  5. Spell it out for us atomcat. What’s significant about October 2010? If it’s the solution, why not let us all know on this blog so we can all take the necessary action?

  6. Actually I believe the election for our Municipalities is November 11/10, but whatever………the fact remains if we don’t hire some Council members who will stand up for us at OUR level,all is lost…………….also this idea of secession, withholding taxes and public demonstrations is a really good start…….just the very threat of this being possible will make these fragile Public Servants shake in their collective boots!

    This Provincial Government is all about fulfilling their “Ontario Innovation Agenda” which is another title for Agenda 21 and to build huge industrial complexes completely surrounding all Rural Townships so people will move and relocate in the cities.

    This is the hard truth that when stated publicly will get the “rolling of the eyes and the shaking of the head” from the person your telling it to.

    This is how utterly evil and criminal this Wind Scam really is.

    To destroy people’s health, home and land legacy all in the name of some crazy cooked up vision of what the planet should look like in these “Greenies” eyes is just downright sick!

    If nobody will represent US and God knows we’ve tried to conduct ourselves as polite, credible people here, then the next step is to organize our own community that has empathy towards our fellow neighbours and protect ourselves from these small and obviously greedy little people who care not one iota for their fellow man and woman!

  7. The 2010 municipal elections in Ontario, will be held on October 25, 2010

    If the people who want to save and re-new Rural Ont. do not step up and get control of power available at the municipal level, it’s over.

    Ask yourself some serious questions-

    Why did the councils not stand up and fight the GEA?

    Why were Murdoch and Hillier not in the house for the vote on the GEA, arguably the most devastating piece of legislation ever foisted on Rural Ont.

    Why have municipal govt. waited until after the passing of the GEA to say they want moratorium, when they know their voice has no weight and they have no power to do anything? Great way to pretend to offer their support. It’s not real.

    Every municipal govt. is on board with Agenda 21.

    So, if you want to try and save Rural Ont., everyone is going to have to get politically active.

    With majority municipal vote comes power.

    If this is not accomplished this fall, Rural Ont. is doomed.

    Without control of municipal govt., who wins the Provincial election in 2011 is irrelevant, as the train from hell will continue unabated down the track called Agenda 21.

    The future of Rural Ontario rest squarely upon our shoulders.

    Will we rise to the occasion?

  8. Ratepayers of Rural Ontario,

    Make sure the media watches me tear up my property tax bills in Stayner at the Township office on Gideon Street.

    Monday March 22, 2010 at 7:00PM

    I would hope and I have literally “bet” my farm that I will not stand alone. I have faith that when 43 counties across Ontario hear of my gesture, they WILL throw in with me in the most defiant act ever in Ontario. Why am I so confident?

    Because We ARE Canadian!

    We do stand on guard for thee!

    Yours in faith,

    Melodie Burkett

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