Time to Stop Dismissing Victims

“It may be that the health concerns are overblown. The verdict is still out. But in some respects health issues have become a red herring.

Proponents say it’s really about NIMBY: Not in my backyard. The real issue, they say, is “just” esthetics. No landowner wants to stare at a giant turbine as it sits on another landowner’s property, smack in the middle of what used to be the view.”  ~ Michael Den Tandt, Sun Times Newspaper

Your comments tell me that you don’t live near any wind turbines Michael.  They also tell me you are uninformed and unconcerned as are many who don’t have the prospect of another sleepless night, another unexplained headache that no pill can touch or any other adverse effect that has assaulted families living near turbines.  The people in this province who are experiencing debilitating health issues, the same ones who were fine before turbine installations started up nearby, have been publicly revictimized by your flippant remark. The verdict is absolutely NOT out for these people Michael.  They know what is happening to them.  They know it’s real. They know their body is being assaulted by noise and vibration.  So does this government.  So does the wind industry proponent. 

 It’s stunning that you call the health issue a “red herring”.  I see families having to abandon their homes, families being billeted in motels by wind companies, people who’ve quietly and reluctantly sold a home they’ve lived in for decades because they can’t stand it anymore (and heaven help the poor soul who moved in next), people bringing lawsuit after lawsuit against proponents, people trapped and getting sicker with every day that passes, as an enormous red flag to the people of this province. 

Of course proponents say it’s NIMBY.  Of course you don’t expect them to discredit their own product, any more than the tobacco industry would discredit theirs.  The wind industry seems to have studied techniques used by the tobacco company.  They work very hard to deny problems exist.   They use lobbyist language to describe people who are pro health and pro viability; NIMBY, anti wind, detractors and opponents. I see that much of the media simply latches onto these terms,even when they are trying to express concerns with the issue. 
Talk to the people who have or are living in a mess of turbines.  They’ll tell you what’s going on.  Many of them will tell you they are too damn sick to worry about their view. 

As McGuinty plans for several thousand more wind turbines to sit next to several tens of thousands more people, some very close to towns,  perhaps the serious health issues will become clearer to those who choose to call it “overblown”. I want Ontario families to be healthy and safe. Perhaps a better alternative would be a moratorium on turbines until independent (as opposed to reports and ‘studies’ paid for and submitted to govt. by the wind industry) studies by health professionals support claims made by this industry that people are not getting hurt.  Is that too much to ask for?

Lorrie Gillis, Grey Highlands

5 thoughts on “Time to Stop Dismissing Victims

  1. It’s obvious Michael Den Tandt is cut from the same cloth as a Wind Company employee………….uninformed, uncaring, unscrupulous and worse of all, has the media at his beckoned call to “peddle his ignorance!”

  2. Great response Lorrie. I am so glad that you are starting to sound MAD! How dare they ignore people with out investigating. Say what you want about Hazel McCallion, SHE would have went right to the homes in question and slept over the whole week to check it out herself! Our milk-a-toast Yes men that call themselves leaders are liars, cowards and con artists. I am going to copy all their pictures that someone posted earlier today. Every time there is an Election I am going to post the pictures of the ones that voted for the green Energy Act. If they were not intelligent enough to research something they were going to vote on, they should not be trusted for ANY leadership role.

  3. On AWEA’s blog they continue to deny any problem with noise and wind turbines. http://goo.gl/ES19 Perhaps they need a hearing aid, and while they are getting that, some new glasses are in order as they are blind to the people worldwide reporting the same problems. There should be a fine for lying.

  4. Good response Lorrie. How many lease holders are suffering in silence, unable to talk, because they signed away their right to speak badly about industrial turbines?

  5. Great summary, Lorrie.

    To me, it seems that to deny that people are getting sick from turbines even though they cry over and over again, and even though the CANWEA “panel of experts” says it isn’t so, is NEGLIGENCE! Even if the wind companies and the government refuse to acknowledge the facts, they OUGHT TO KNOW!

    Aren’t these wind companies–and the government–afraid of getting sued for negligence causing harm — a criminal offence!?

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