Study Shows Liberal Green Energy Act Will Cost Ontario Jobs

PC Economic Development Critic says Minister is not telling the whole story
(Queen’s Park) – Thornhill MPP and PC Critic for Economic Development, Peter Shurman warned in Question Period today that McGuinty’s Green Energy Act will actually cost Ontario thousands of jobs.
“Clearly the Minister doesn’t want to tell Ontarians the whole story.  The Minister knows all about the March 2009 university study on the impact of Spain’s green energy policy, which George Smitherman hailed as a global leader.  That study concluded that for every one green job created, 2.2 jobs were lost in Spain’s economy.”
The Liberal Green Energy Act is modeled on Spain’s green energy policy of generous feed in tariffs funded by taxpayers and rich corporate giveaways.  Shurman questioned the Minister of Energy and Infrastructure for the second day in a row as to how many Ontario jobs will be lost because of the Green Energy Act – job losses that will come on top of the new “secret” hydro tax recently reported in the media.

“So, Minister, it really doesn’t matter if you pick a number of 1,400, 16,000 or 50,000.  It’s always going to mean net job losses for Ontario.  Minister, stop blowing green smoke at Ontarians and tell them honestly how many jobs are going to disappear,” Shurman demanded.

8 thoughts on “Study Shows Liberal Green Energy Act Will Cost Ontario Jobs

  1. Thank you Peter Shurman….

    Any new jobs created will be government jobs anyway..This will help ensure that there is a net minus of new “real” jobs…

  2. How many manfacturers will simply pull up stakes when their electricity bills triple?

  3. High prices on electricity kill a lot of jobs. Higher prices mean less money available for other commodities. Higher electricity prices mean higher costs for commodities. Fewer commodities sold, less employment, low standard of living for Ontario. How can our government continue to ignore the facts on Spain’s economic disaster with wind and solar? Peter Shurman; it is nice to hear someone voice these concerns in the political arena. What are the benefits of a short term technical wind job when over 2 other jobs will be lost somewhere in our province?

  4. CANWEA picked the 50,000 job number and McGuinty just read it off their WindVision Report.

    These figures being quoted first by Smitherman and now McGuinty and Duguid are the figures issued from the offices of their “hired guns” that are all “thick as thieves” with the rest of the “Windies”.

    If ever asked to be specific and justify the figures, his first phone call for answers would be Robert Hornung!

  5. Spain announced this week that they expected 2/3 of the green jobs to disappear by the end of 2010. This is such a travesty.

  6. “Renewables consume enormous taxpayer resources. In Spain, the average
    annuity payable to renewables is equivalent to 4.35% of all VAT collected,
    3.45% of the household income tax, or 5.6% of the corporate income tax for 2007”.
    A statement taken from the 2009 study on the renewable energy program in Spain referenced in the above article. This is not an insignificant amount, is nothing different than what could be expected in Ontario and would be in addition to increases in our electricity rates. Kind of insulting in that all this money will see a net job loss and little if no electricity gains. Ouch.

  7. Once again “Mr. Thumbs Down” seems to think that the Citizens of Ontario should be glad to pay enormous amounts of their hard earned dollars for electricity generated by Wind and Solar so that his friends can steal money out of OUR pockets for their “pathetic little lifestyles”!

  8. Maybe Mr. Thumbs down is a Mrs. I am starting to think it could be Dalton’s mother! She must be soooo ashamed!

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