Clearview adds voice to wind farm opposition

Posted By SHAWN GIILCK, QMI AGENCY Owen Sound Sun Times

Clearview Township is asking the province for a lull in wind farm development.

At a council meeting Monday night, the Simcoe County township passed a resolution calling on the province to declare a moratorium on new wind turbine projects. Mayor Ken Ferguson said the motion passed with little discussion in front of a packed chamber.

“Basically it’s because of all the concerns of the residents,” said Ferguson on Tuesday. “We also did one at county council, maybe three weeks or a month ago. It’s not saying whether we’re against or for it, it’s looking to protect the health and safety of all residents… until the concerns of the taxpayers can be addressed.”

Colin Huismans, the spokesperson for the Clearview WAIT (Warning Against Industrial Turbines) group opposing several local projects, called the resolution by the council an important gesture, since “to date this has only been a rural issue.

“Now, more than 50 municipalities have passed the same resolution, representing perhaps as many as a million Ontario residents,” he said.

Currently, the township has received applications for three wind farms. The installations are all slated to be built just north of Creemore.

Residents have voiced concerns ranging from health issues to aesthetics to plummeting property values.

2 thoughts on “Clearview adds voice to wind farm opposition

  1. “Until the concerns of the taxpayers can be addressed.” Very refreshing knowing that our voices are heard by the elected officials. What’s McGuinty’s rush, where the taxpayers health is concerned?

  2. I don’t understand why McGuinty is so dead set on placing wind farms across Ontario. Wind farms and solar pannels are not cost effective. With some of the most extensive river systems in Canada why aren’t we building water generated power stations? (Talk out green energy, it doesn’t get any greener then water). And why is Ontario selling cheap power from Niagara Falls to the U.S.?

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