Liberals Still Promoting the Lie that Wind Can Replace Coal

 Wilson Calls for McGuinty to Respect Local Councils
March 25, 2010 in the Ontario Legislature


Mr. Jim Wilson:  My question is for the Acting Premier. On Monday night the council of the township of Clearview voted unanimously in favour of asking Premier McGuinty and his government to put a moratorium on new wind developments. Some 50 other communities in Ontario have done the same, including Grey county, the city of Kawartha Lakes and, in the Acting Premier’s riding, in Prince Edward county. So I ask the Acting Premier: Will the McGuinty government respect the decisions of these local councils?

Hon. Leona Dombrowsky: To the Minister of Energy and Infrastructure.

Hon. Brad Duguid: Thank you, very much, Mr. Speaker—


The Speaker (Hon. Steve Peters): The member from Lanark: Your own member asked a question. I trust you would all want to hear the response. Minister?

Hon. Brad Duguid: We recognize that whenever you’re doing anything that’s new, whenever you’re on the cutting edge on any initiatives, particularly in the energy sector, there is inevitably going to be some resistance. The fact of the matter is, we have to move forward in the green energy sector.

Brad Duguid doesn't need courage, he need a brain

Minister Duguid confuses Courage with Stupidity.

We know that the opposition doesn’t support that, but it does take a certain amount of intestinal fortitude to move forward on these issues. It does take courage. That’s what the people—


The Speaker (Hon. Steve Peters): No, I’m not stopping the clock. Minister?

Hon. Brad Duguid: When we came to office six years ago, we inherited an energy supply that was very reliant on dirty coal, coal that was polluting our air; coal that was impacting our health, the health of our children and in the future, the health of our grandchildren. Changing that—getting rid of coal—is not for the faint of heart. We recognize that; it takes courage. It takes political courage. It takes courage from the people of Ontario. The opposition lacks that. We don’t. We’re moving forward because we have to—

The Speaker (Hon. Steve Peters): Thank you. Supplementary?

Mr. Jim Wilson: I say to the Acting Premier: You may not want to respond and be accountable to my constituents and 50 other communities, but you should at least respond to the constituents in Prince Edward county, in your own riding. I say also to the Acting Premier: This is exactly why we voted against your failed Green Energy Act. Ratepayers are concerned with the health effects of these wind turbines and you’re telling them, “Tough luck.” These communities have had enough of the Premier and his buddies in the political elite forcing their pet projects into the back yards of people in rural Ontario without any say from the local communities. In Clearview, people are sick and tired of the Premier, who lives in the tiny neighbourhood of Rosedale, telling them how to run their rural community. So I ask the Acting Premier: What gives your government the right to ignore voters in rural and small-town Ontario?

Hon. Brad Duguid: Let me tell you this: Farmers across this province are extremely supportive of the Green Energy Act, and I’ll tell you why: They’re an important part of it. They know that our generation has to stand up to ensure that the health of our kids and grandkids is looked after; to ensure that we’re applying a reliable—and safer—form of energy for the sake of our energy supply and our kids. Our farmers are standing up to that call. So are our retailers, so are our residents. This green energy movement is something that each and every Ontarian is part of, each and every Ontarian can take some pride in. We are moving from coal. By 2014, we will be out of coal. We have the lowest level of coal output that we’ve had in this province in 45 years. The benefit of that is the pollution that doesn’t go into our air and the lungs—

The Speaker (Hon. Steve Peters): Thank you, New question?

10 thoughts on “Liberals Still Promoting the Lie that Wind Can Replace Coal

  1. Oh I get it…So let’s spend $7 Billion on something that we know won’t work..I’d rather that we buy from Quebec or the U.S. than embark on these misguided Government Boondoggles….That would be more transparent….

    The way that the Ontario Government is approaching this with The Green Energy Act, we will burn through $7 Billion investing in failed technologies and our hydro rates will still be outrageous….Creating “FAKE” Green Energy…

    Why not forget the $7 Billion in subsidies since we aren’t going to reduce our Energy costs anyway ???

    The Green Energy Act will be like E-Health only 7 times more expensive…

    Please resign Brad and take Dalton with you…As an Ontario citizen I don’t take any pride in your Tax and Spend Green Energy Act…

    Rural Ontario will look like post-Industrial junkyards in a few years as a result of a misguided Liberal Government…Rural Ontario will remember what you are doing….

  2. What is wrong with you Brad? Your point of bravery is lost on the victims of your green energy act. I don’t see bravery. I see fanatical reckless endangerment of health and property. I see a systematic degradation of democratic principles by a group zealots who are l willing to sacrifice others without remorse or regret.

    My father and his peers went to war against this type of behaviour. How is it possible that the very things he fought to protect Canada and Europe from has become intrenched in our own provincial government.

  3. Brad and Dalton STEP DOWN NOW! IT is obvious that you have failed to do your homework! You are ignoring the facts and the people for a few misinformed farmers. What happened to majority rule! The Liberals will be out at the next election as you have proven yourselves to be Fascists and bullies. We the people have become educated to the wind industry and the takeover of our precious rural lands. Stop embarrassing yourselves and get out before we throw you out!

  4. Duguid is just a “stooge” like most others that wander the Pink Building.

    Every single thing that comes from their mouths is just put there by their “Supreme Leader” and takes nothing of any massive intellect to memorize a few Talking Points usually done on a computer screen in a PowerPoint Presentation.

    And on we go.debating the undebatable, answering the unanswerable and flailing about in a rubber dingy being swamped by an out of control “Ship of Fools” called the Provincial “Government”.

    We would be better off to use our time to keep educating our fellow citizens so that in one universal voice that nobody can deny because it will be a loud Scream……..”Get Out McGuinty and take your Gang with you!”……NOW!

  5. MR. Duguid,

    You brag about shutting down coal but fail to mention opening up new Gas plants in Ontario. Do you think the peasants don’t read? You are such a blithering fool, leave office now tonight and stop making a complete A$$ of yourself, it is embarrassing and shameful!

  6. This government believes it owns the countryside. McGuinty calls the taxpayers NIMBYs who need to suck it up for “the greater feel good” of the PR team of the Liberals.
    Numbers don’t lie, and the 50 communities who don’t like their rights violated are being heard. Farmers don’t need to sacrifice their neighbours health for the sake of a weak Premier.
    If this were a noble proposition, McGuinty would live the required 500m under a Wind Turbine with his family “for the greater good”. Now that would be courageous!

  7. Dwight Duncan tables a budget that won’t be realized for 8 years!

    In other words, nobody should question any more decisions from McGuinty for 8 years and that should give all his Minsters some breathing room to keep on spending like “drunken sailors”.

    Problem is that this Government is on the way out and by the time they are “kicked to the curb” they will still have their clammy little sticky fingers on the taxpayers cheque book!……………..UNLESS someone can send in what little legalize still exists in this Province and exposes these “Jabberwocks” for what they really are!

  8. Since nobody from Government wants to listen to voters any more. They only listen to corporations and other corrupt organizations and spend our money foolishly. They have become a nuisance instead of being helpful causing families to move away. they are acting like a dictator and believing in there own lies Maybe we should look into Free Man On the Land,and tell them then what they can do and how to spend our money and resources. They then will have to listen to us or change. Corruption needs to be stopped and voters need there say again not a dictatorship in a commonwealth country. thank you

  9. Ignore the question and change the subject. That’s cowardice.

    Four years ago, I e-mailed every Liberal MPP a copy of a study from the University of Waterloo outlining how to clean up the coal plants along with a file on a state of the art emission control system I saw in action at an American coal plant. Minister Duncan mailed me a letter saying he had asked the OPA to put emission controls on Nanticoke. Premier McGuinty’s government backed out of it. They are the ones that lack courage. It would have cost a fraction of the 40 or so billion they want to spend to go their route.

    Minister Duguid was given a copy of my windmill submission, Science Is Not About Consensus, But Testing Hypotheses, ( Do a search of the tile and it will take you to a site where it is posted.) by my mayor when she met with him last week. She spoke to him about the contents as well, so he’s lying. I’ll be calling his senior adviser today!

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