New Revelation! Turbines Need Wind to Work

No wind project in Ontario has had to undergo a full environmental assessment.   No developer has abandoned any plans because of “poor wind”.   Siting is not a priority.   Why should it when the subsidy is there for the taking anyway?   No questions asked by the Ontario government.  

A report from Britain says:

“The analysis of power output found that more than 20 wind farms are operating at less than one-fifth of their full capacity. Experts say many turbines are going up on sites that are simply not breezy enough. They also accuse developers of ‘grossly exaggerating’ the amount of energy they will generate in order to get their hands on subsidies designed to boost the production of green power.

While it is possible some of the results were skewed by breakdowns, the revelation that so many are under-performing will be of great interest to those who argue that wind farms are little more than expensive eyesores. The analysis was carried out by Michael Jefferson, an environmental consultant and a professor of international business and sustainability. He believes that financial incentives designed to help Britain meet is green energy targets are encouraging firms to site their wind farms badly.”  Read more

2 thoughts on “New Revelation! Turbines Need Wind to Work

  1. Our Ontario Government does not have time to properly assess the folly of the Green Energy Act and all the subsidies that it is paying out for “Fake Energy”….because they are too busy patting each other on the back because they only have a $21 BILLLION Deficit….Congratulations….What Great news…..!!!!

  2. This illustrates McGinty’s folly. He wants to put 165 wind turbines into Lake St. Clair in spite of the facts: Wind turbines need 12 or 13 MPH winds to make them viable. According to the Canadian wind Energy Atlas, the average winds in Lake St. Clair are less than 9 MPH!

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