The Ontario Government Has Betrayed Rural Ontario

11 thoughts on “The Ontario Government Has Betrayed Rural Ontario

  1. We all need to post these signs on our property. We all need to bring them to Queen’s Park. One Million of them! There should be an inquiry as to the reason for a gag order imposed on a consenting landowner. If you have nothing to hide why the Gag??? Personally , I would take the chance of getting sued for breech of this Gag. But then I would never have agreed to sign a document that gagged me in the first place. That would have cost them double and would have raised a red flag.

  2. People need to really question the wind industry. You are placed under a gag order if you lease your land to them. If they buy out your property because of problems, you are placed under a gag order. If all is so wonderful with wind, WHY THE GAG ORDERS???
    Wake up people. Wind is no friend, and Wind makes for a horrible neighbor.

  3. Someone should actually demand that McGuinty get a mental assessment done to see if he is even “fit” to make any further decisions with OUR money!

    To come out and blame Ontario’s deficit on the “recession” instead of the thievery that went on within E Health, OLG and Cancer Care and who knows what else makes one think he has become totally delusional and unable to face “reality”.

    That’s the ticket: blame the insanity of the way OUR money was handled on “Insanity!”

  4. Betcha I know where that farmer would like to stick his pitchfork?

  5. “Mr. McGuinty said the Liberal government could have extended the wage freeze to cover municipalities but chose not to because it wants Ontario’s towns and cities to make their own decisions as responsible governments. ‘We had a choice. We could have imposed this approach on our municipal partners but we decided they are a mature, responsible level of government, they have their own duly-elected representatives,’ the Premier said.”

    McGuinty sure seems inconsistent in his opinion of Ontario’s municipalities .. or is that “unstable”?!!!

  6. Any deal with wind industry has to be questioned as to who benefits. It is clear the ordinary Ontario taxpayer will not benefit, will lose financially and will lose access to social programs. The Ontario Government is making billion dollar deals with industrial wind. Even if industrial wind could provide some power we don’t need it right now. We are over spent because our government has made some expensive bad deals. Now they want others to pay for their stupidity. It would be nice for political figure heads offer up some of their salary and benefits. Check the article which seems to parallel events in Ontario and most likely other jurisdictions. It may be some politicians are taking us for more than their wage.

  7. Great article Zen Zen! It truly makes sense, follow the money! I predict a US revolt this summer. I can only hope there is a revolt here as well. McGuinty and his gang are true gangsters, in bed with the wind industry. Our only hope is our ombudsman to expose the shady deals.

  8. Does the word “conspiracy” come to mind here?

    What is happening in Maine is happening here. What the Wind Industry and Politicians do and say all over the World when dealing with opposition to their plans is in “lock step” with every single location all over the World. Only a major “conspiracy” to control descent and opposition can explain how the comments, strategies and policies are exactly the same no matter what boundaries there are between different countries.

    Don’t tell me or others that CANWEA, AWEA, BWEA and EWEA don’t get together on a regular basis and discuss their strategies to push their agendas through the various Countries Political “cronies” they represent.

    McGuinty’s continuous use of the amount of jobs to be created of 50,000 from his Green Energy Act is straight out of the CANWEA “playbook” WindVision 2025 and was used over and over during the selling of Bill 150 the GEA last May by Slitherman.

    We are being worked over by these “slimeballs” like “Rented Mules”

  9. I meant Zen2then, sorry I guess I can’t see as well as I thought I could, damn! Especially at 5:00am!

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